From Hull With Love

They say Hull is the forgotten city but I don't believe that. It's my passionate belief that Hull is God's hidden city! There is a sense here that He is going to take this city that many see as foolish, to confound the wise!
These songs come from a heart of worship but also a place of longing to see God move upon this wonderful place! A spiritual flood after the earthly floods of 2007.

I wanted to tell the world of all God is doing here, but I knew it had to start with me sharing my journey of the past four years since my first album Honesty! With pressure comes revelation, with revelation growth and confidence. A fresh understanding of God’s grace and love.

It's my prayer that as you listen to this album you will be drawn into a place where you can meet Jesus face to face! If you've never made that commitment to Him you can, by simply asking Him to be your Saviour He will give you the gift of faith! I guarantee it. There is nothing that you’ve done in your life that will make Him close the door on you and there is nothing you can do to make Him love you anymore than He already does! What a wonderful friend to walk through life with. In a world that experiments with what works at making us happy I encourage you to try Jesus Just as the bible says “taste and see that the Lord is good”

Be blessed

Angie Lendon
April 2008

All programming and keys Andy Green
Guitars Dan Wheeler
Voclals Angie Lendon, Agnes Frazer, Wendy Green Andy Green

On Thy Kingdom Come New Life Choir and Hull Hot Gospel Choir Arranged & Directed by Helen Garnett
Choir recorded by Tim Kemp

Produced and mixed by Andy Green for Cornerhouse Productions
Mastered at the Loft by Richard Kimmings

Photography & Graphic Design by Dan Rhodes

Thanks to:

First and foremost my wonderful Saviour Jesus without whom I couldn’t exist let alone live a life worth living!

Nigel – I’d do it all again! Love you loads

Tim and Anna for being the great blessing that you are. I Love You!

Everyone who played a part in the creation of this album. You’re selfless giving has blessed my life more than you’ll ever know.

Andy & Wendy for your awesome hospitality and all the recipes!

Ben, Lily, Matthew, Becky, Toby, Sam, Hannah and Ruthie Roodle thanks for lending me your Mummy and Daddy.

To my band I love you guys. You Rock!

To Tim Kemp, Jim Wood & Dave Fleetcroft thanks for all your input and for being willing to be there!

Jarrod, Vicky, David, Marion Rob & Jeanie I love you guys so much! Thank you for your incredible way of releasing me to be who I am and more!

Paul Hemingway my song writing pal!

My lovely church family at New Life Hull thanks for your encouragement and loving me the way you do.

All songs © Angie Lendon/Deep Blue Publishing