I'd Rather Not Go There

Thommy's kids use to sing this song acappella in the car when they were little. That was before he put the song to music. They loved this zany fun-filled song with a serious message, and you will too. No other song on the album speaks so much about hell, and the torments of hell, but still....somehow kids love to sing it. A great song to help your children understand what the bible says about the destiny of every person who does not accept Jesus as Lord of their life. Song is sung and written by Thommy Sides (Special Note) During Thommy's live shows he often has his comedy character he's developed sing this song. Hillbilly Hatfield is Thommy's supposed... nephew. He's as zany as the song and more. Kids love him and you can check him out on Youtube for samples of who he is and what he's about.