If God Does a Miracle

This song was the first on the album to be produced and arranged. Jason Bradley was hired to arrange the song in July of 2008. When he finished the song he gave the song to Thommy's wife Judy with his voice singing on it as simply a sample demo only. When Thommy heard the song he cried. Not only because it was his first song to be produced, but because Jason sang the song with such passion. Judy asked him then while they both sat in the car listening, "Maybe God will ask you to tithe this song and give it to Jason to sing?" Say's Thommy, "I struggled for a bit about what my wife asked me, but soon I came to realize that this was God's album and not mine. It's not about me or making my name great. It's about show casing God's talent that is found here in South Africa. It's about bringing honor and glory to God. When I got myself out of the way...it was easy to say to my wife....honey....call Jason. We need to do a professional take on that song with him singing it. To this day I'am so glad I gave Jason Bradley this song to sing. He truly does it justice, and is fast becoming a well known country music artist here in South Africa. He and his wife Trish also love the Lord. God is good! Song is sung by South African Country artist Jason Bradley. Written by Thommy Sides