Why Do You Lie

A truly mysterious song that was written from a dream Thommy had one night. The next morning he woke up and somehow remembered the song and it's melody. He wrote the entire song that day, and decided to put it on the album. Say's Thommy, "God gave me this song in a dream and so it's truly from Him...He's asking us all the question. Why do we lie? The song is a bit Shakespearing in it's format and style. The song can go both ways. It can be God asking us why we are liars or it can be a lover, or a wife or husband whom we have cheated who is asking the question - Why do you lie? It can even be directed to a preacher who is stealing funds from his church, or a corrupt politician, banker or lawyer. We all lie sometimes, but God is saying to us today. Enough is Enough!! Stop the lying! God's children are to be holy and truthful. God forbid that we do not do what we say we will do. God hates liars, and so in a dream he directed me to write out this song. On my own I would have never written it. More then any other song on this album. I cannot take credit for it. It is God's idea and his message to us at this time in history. The last days are now upon us and it is now time for God's children to be gentle, loving, kind, and yes, truthful to one another...Amen! Song is sung and written by Thommy Sides with the help of God Almighty.