Why most indies don’t sell much music online

Here’s a thought I have shared before.. and it is a tough subject. The majority of indies do not sell that much music online. I think I know why..

What if what you are selling isn’t all that good??? (in a commercial sense) What are you telling the world by sticking your music on websites to get “exposed?” Does placing inferior content online help your music mission/career?

I see this quite often in the independent scene, artists who should not be selling their music because they are not ready, yet make the product anyway, stick it on a bunch of sites, then get no sales or maybe a few sales to people whom they push to purchase. We see this here on Indieheaven often. Only a few % of our members sell more than a few bucks worth of music each month. And, this has nothing to do with the popularity of this website, or others like i-tunes, Amazon and the rest.

Creating a commercial product requires a product that can compete in the marketplace. This is why the majority of indie artists do not sell online. The casual surfer either does not like the music enough to purchase it, or they do not see evidence of professionalism. They wont buy mediocre content, period.

Think of it as if you were going to open your own bakery.. You wouldn’t expect people to come to your bakery and purchase cakes you made in an easy bake oven, right? But for some reason, artists think people will buy their half baked songs.

ummmm… that is a bit irrational isn’t it?

Will God make them buy your music?
No..and do not think He will. God isn’t in the business of selling your music.

What makes people buy your music is exceptional quality, and the songs filling a need the listener has. If you can accomplish this, you have a better chance of selling your music online.

Remember, placing your content on a myriad of sites doesn’t do much good, unless what you have to offer is of quality. How do you know if what you are producing is of quality?

Thats a subject for a different post.


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One Response to Why most indies don’t sell much music online

  1. Don M. King says:

    I couldn’t agee more with this post! There’s a huge difference bewteen me creating a song on my multitrack recorder and a studio producing the same song. I realize that my music needs to be professionally done. That is why I don’t offer my songs for purchase right now. I also want to make sure the songs are as strong as possible before I involve money. God wants our very best, so I’ll only invest when I think I have that. I am looking forward to have some music produced professionally, but until then I can at least expose a few people to some of the things the Lord is sharing with me lately and get some repsonses. I’ve been lsitening to TONS of music online lately. Some of it deserves to be on the radio. The rest of it deserves to be crafted a little more, especially lyrically. That’s MY humble opinion anyhow.
    Don M.

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