Who Cares?

Continuing my series of uplifting blog posts lately (seems like it!:) This question popped into my mind after realizing something very important for anyone who is a creative, driven entrepreneur such as myself.

Who Cares?

What a tough question to ask yourself. I mean, c’mon…everyone should care about what I am doing, right?

Well.. wrong.. the bottom line is this.. There is so much information and content laid out before us every single day that it is impossible for us to ingest it all. Especially online. What we do ingest we rarely, truly care about, or want to investigate further, and even less we ingest that we’ll share on our wall, twitter, pinterest, vine..etc..etc..etc.

We are kidding ourselves if we think anyone outside of our immediate family and super close friends care about what we are doing.

And the faster one realizes this truth, the faster one can get over it and get on with it.

So, how do you make people care about what you are doing?

Jeff-CWC-PicLet’s look at the recent ALS Cold Water Challenge and how it took the world by storm. A guy comes up with the idea, videos a few cold water challenges, contacts the media, the media spreads the word, the video goes viral, then others take up the challenge, and off to the races it goes. Last I heard over 100 million dollars has been raised, and billions of gallons of water wasted:)

It was the fact that 1 person cared about raising money for ALS that got the snowball rolling. It was like a match setting fire to a bone dry pine forest. All it took was that 1 flame to ignite the entire forest.

Once people saw others on video doing the cold water challenge, herd mentality took over and everyone started videoing themselves and challenging others.

Brilliant I tell you.. just brilliant marketing! This is what is called “cause marketing” and this is the way you get people to care.

When it comes right down to it, we must give people a reason to care. No one is going to care more about you than you. So, take what you care about and tell others about why you care, what you are doing about it, and how you and them can do it together.

I’ll be discussing this topic and much more in my upcoming course called “Indie University.” It’s a series of conference calls where I’ll share everything I know about music ministry, business, and life in general. I’ve been at this a long time!

So, check it out at Indie University. It starts up September 8, 2014.


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