What is your goal?

I come across quite a few artistic types who are very good at creating their art, yet many have no real goal in mind. Ask them, “what are you shooting for, and they usually give you a blank stare or cock their head sideways and state, “I just want to get my music out there.” Out there for what? What is the goal?

With the proliferation of music and social networks these days, the doors are open wide to sharing ones creations. But, what do you do other than spend time posting blogs, uploading songs, twittering about what kind of food you are eating, or lamenting over your day job? I mean, what’s the goal? To be better known? Why? What would you do if you suddenly became famous overnight? How would you handle it? And why do you want to be famous anyway?

The drive to share talent is overwhelming these days. With idols, and battles, and contests galore, it seems to me everyone wants to be famous for their musical abilities, or lack thereof. I guess I watch too much Disney Channel, thanks to my daughter being enthralled by all things Disney. That channel seems to operate on hormones and fame. Argh!

Well, anyway, that is my rant for the day. Ask yourself these question, why do you want to be famous, and what would you do if you were famous. What would you do with fame?

Carry on, and happy blogging, uploading, twittering, facebooking and all the rest.


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