There Shall be No Promotion Before It’s Time

Today, I was having a discussion with an indie artist who was interested in promoting his music through my Indie Impact promotional offer. (we send a blast out to our entire email list letting them know of indie artists they may not be aware of.)

After reviewing his content (video/song/pics/website) it was apparent this artist was not ready to tell the world to take a look at what he can do. (remember Stuart from Saturday Night Live??).

Here’s what I shared with him:

DSC03030 (640x480)As an independent artist/songwriter, You only get 1 shot at people. Think of it like opening up a bakery and selling your cakes..if you skimp on the good stuff and have inferior ingredients, or if you have a microwave mindset and dont let the cake fully bake, people won’t eat more than a nibble. They’ll then set the fork down, walk out, never come back, and tell their friends to never go to your bakery, and out of business you shall go. (unless they are your family or in your church:) Here’s the bottom line.. We think God will make our cakes taste good to people because He loves us..and He does love us.. but like Meatloaf sang…”He won’t do that.” God loves us, but until we give people whom we have no relationship with a reason to love us, they won’t even care about us.

I know that may come off a bit harsh, but you may know from my years of having my own conferences in Nashville (CIA Summit), teaching at the Christian Musician Summit, writing columns for Christian Musician Magazine and CCM Magazine that I have my finger on the pulse of indie success and I call it like I see it.

Bottom line is this, God has called me to be an encourager. I encourage you (and myself) to take a good hard look at what you are producing and putting out there for consumption. It’s vitally important to have your content not create discontent. (I may have even made you discontent with my content here, if so, let me have it!)

I’ll be teaching about this and much more at Indie University, my conference-call course where I’ll share everything I know!

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Also, let me know how you are doing! I’d love to speak with you about YOUR music mission and if you are content with your content:) Just contact me via the contact form  and we’ll make arrangements for an “on the house” 15 minute consult with me.

Keep up the excellent faith-work!
Keith Mohr
Mohr Creative Group


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