Rings of Influence

I have been thinking alot lately about “rings of influence.” It’s like a Bullseye, with your innermost core being the red center, and outer rings radiating from the center. Relationships in the inner core are those who you know the best, and those who really know you. That could be family, business associates, and close friends. Going outward from the center, the next ring would consist of those you know, but not very well, and those who have a working knowledge of you. Next ring would be those you do not know, but those who know about you, like a fan, or people who learn about you. For example, I have on my email list about 75,000 people. They all know about Indieheaven, many know who I am, but I do not know most of those people. And outside of that ring would be the rest of the universe. People you do not know, and those who do not know about you.

I encourage all who read this to create your bulls-eye and determine who falls into what ring. Here’s why.. I have been sharing with one of our Indieheaven members the importance of influencing the innermost core and how to balance it with trying to influence people in the universe. As good a tool the internet is, it has provided an incredible vehicle for artists types who tend to have a “visions of grandeur” M.O. to invest a large portion of their time trying to impact the universe and gain “friends.” This has proven to be a time wasting venus trap to artists as they neglect those in their inner core. It goes along with the “bigger is better” mindset artistic types have, when in reality, better is better.

I shared this information with our member, I will refine this as I have time, but you should get the concept of influencing your core and rings of influence.

“It is important to act local, but think global. God can do whatever God wants to do with us, but I am a firm believer that it is up to us to create the momentum that He then takes and multiplies. I am glad you are impacting your community! This is also wise, because as you impact and enrich those who are in your inner core and inner ring of influence, they then share about you to their inner cores, and it spreads out like ripples on a pond. Imagine throwing a handful of rocks into a pond and seeing the ripples of influence emanating from each stone. The key is that each of the stones in your hand must be inner core relationships. The greater the influence you have in your inner core relationships, the larger the stones and the larger the ripples.”

I also shared this, after they lamented that it is difficult to get people to engage and comprehend their mision.

“I understand where you are coming from, but it is what it is. I still run into this every single day, and I have been hammering away at my mission non-stop 80 hours per week at least since 1997.

We’re always going to run into credibility issues with people. People simply are very closed minded to new things. It is our job to win them over. To convert them into our kingdom, so to speak. And that happens by word of mouth. Look at the way Indieheaven has grown. I do not go out and approach artists who are outside my core of influence and try to convince them to join Indieheaven. I wait until they come to us, and then… then they are in our outermost ring of influence. They come to us because our inner core has told them about us and shared that we are a valuable resource, or because we treat people with respect and tell them the truth, etc.. Whatever the reason be, it is through word of mouth that people come to us. When they come to us, I spring into action.

You need to do the same thing. Look at the relationships in your life and determine who fits into what ring. It is a great exercise to do regardless. Then, figure out ways to impact those inner core people. Then, radiate out from there. This is also biblical. Look at how the disciples spread the gospel message. They started in the town their leader was killed in.. where people knew what had happened. They passionately and excellently shared the message, and people were converted. They then radiated out from there. That is how it spread. As time went on, the messengers used the technology of the times to share the Gospel message. We must use the technology available to us to spread our message, which really is the Gospel message, just delivered in our own special way because of our content.

Same goes for our missions. We start with those who know us, we focus on them. We do however, have this incredible tool called the internet, which allows us to get our content into a worldwide medium. We cant neglect that, but we should not focus on that. I would say 75% inner core, 25% out side your cores would be a good ratio of where you place your focus.”

Get started on doing your mission better, and the bigger will come!
Keep up the Excellent Faith-Work!
Keith Mohr


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2 Responses to Rings of Influence

  1. Becky Carey says:

    This is a great visual! When you combine this “Bullseye” and “it’s rings of influence” with “a drop of Living Water in a pond” and “its waves of influence” analogy (shared one drop at a time by His Redeemed), then a multitude of lives changed by the love of Christ for eternity is the result! If that isn’t enough to get you fired up, then you haven’t been lit!

    Thanks for sharing your Godly wisdom Keith!

  2. Barry Winslow says:

    Excellent article Keith.

    Us “Old Guys” are learning the new ways to do things thanks to you my friend.

    May God keep blessing you.

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