Move to Shake

Move to Shake

We are going to let you into a personal secret. Change is the rule of life. Nothing stays the same. These statements ring true in the personal and business part of our lives. Just as fashions change and then re-emerge, we have seen the same thing happen over and over again in the music scene. There was a time where our conferences filled to overflowing and we had to turn people away. Our dance cards were lined up to the brim and we had a waiting list. Just as the industrial revolution changed how ‘life’ was done, the ‘social revolution’ has changed how music is done.

Yes, look around, it is a fact that people constantly need to add and subtract from what they do. Just follow the lives of successful musicians. Scroll down in your social feed. Change happens continuously.

Our slogan with Indieheaven has always been, “Let’s be independent, together”. Artists have taken that message to heart and the majority of them are now truly independent. They followed what we had taught them, which, in turn, released the need of the über, hand-holding that once was a huge part of what we did. We were paid on that ‘hand-holding’ and service-oriented system. The realization hit us right between the eyes. Our teachings were pointing right back at ourselves, we needed to re-invent ourselves. It was clear that without putting some change into action, we would turn into stale bread; or worse covered with mold. That surely would not feed the multitudes. We knew that we needed to not only find a way to fill our baskets up, but our baskets possibly needed a bit of renovation too.

Then it dawned on us. One day, while grumbling a bit to the Lord about how things were going in our entrepreneurial endeavors, He dropped this thought. “If you want to be known as a mover and shaker, you gotta move and shake.” The voice was pretty loud and boomed. Like the vocal chords of an Italian mob boss. There was no denying what we had to do.

This may seem about as deep as the shallow end of the baby pool, but there are many examples in the Bible where God instructed others to do the very same thing. Think about this. Jesus commanded Peter to get out of the boat and walk on water. Imagine, if you will, Peter responding, “Oh Lord, my legs are so very tired, and you have no idea the kind of day I’ve had on this here boat. I’m going to just sit here and let the storm ride out” Or, when the Lord told the dudes from the wedding party, “You want more wine, fetch me those jugs of water and I”ll make it so.” And the guys say back to Jesus, “Nah, that’s ok. We still have a bit of a buzz from the first couple of jugs. We’re cool.” I mean, really? The whining, the lack of passion, depression, anxiety, self-centeredness and just plain lack of moving hit us humans daily. We can keep feeding these until we are over-bloated and disappear into entrepreneur nothingness, or we can move and start shaking it all up.

Maybe it’s time to question what’s going on with your loaf of bread. Are you sitting in un-change? Not able to dream anymore? Just getting ‘stale’ by the day. Are you finding yourself waiting for action to just appear? In many encounters reiterated in God’s word, He urged and invited us to be a collaborator in the miracles that He performed. Remember when Paul was in prison? The angel said, ‘get up’ and then the chains fell off. In essence, he said, move and shake it, Paul. Even the woman that had been ill for many years had to ‘touch’ the hem of his garment before she was healed. We could go on and on. Let’s suffice it to say that God believed in moving and shaking. And, He wanted our stories to be part of History.

Create a move and shake list. If time and money was not an option, what would take your music and artistry to the place where you believe God is sending you? Ok, now take out the time and money option part, and begin to move and shake. Just a step at first, then put some hip movement into it, let it move up to your shoulders and before you know it, you are ‘moving’. Creating momentum. Not able to listen to your old excuses, because the tune of the move and shake is overpowering those thoughts.

This world was built on movers and shakers. This world changes because of movers and shakers. This world continues to grow due to movers and shakers. You are in good company. Ok, gotta go, we got some moving and shaking to do.

Creatively His,

Keith and Sue Mohr

Keith Mohr and Sue Ross-Mohr of “The Mohr Creative Group” have years of experience serving independent Christian artists, musicians and songwriters. Keith founded in 2002, the leading portal for Christian independent music. Sue Ross-Mohr founded in 2003, a creative promotions /marketing/ consulting service to individuals and companies worldwide. Also check out for more helpful info!


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