Get Real

For most of you who are reading this post, you probably don’t know me all that well. You may think being the founder and president of Indieheaven, I sit in a overstuffed fine leather chair in a huge office with mahogany furniture at our Indieheaven headquarters on Music Row in Nashville, meeting with label and publishing execs, securing licensing deals for all of our members for #1 hit shows and movies, talking to festivals about having an Indieheaven stage, getting our Indieheaven Prevost tour bus wrapped with our logo…

Umm.. well.. nope. The reality is this.. I’m sitting in a semi-hard chair in my home office in Spring Hill, TN at a press board desk with 2 lava lamps, a semi-warm cup of coffee, where I have spent the last hour weeding out all the spam from my inboxes, looking at the latest news, friend feeds and weather forecast. I went to Kroger this morning to get bananas and coconut milk for breakfast. I made oatmeal for myself and my wife. I played a few games of Scramble With Friends.

And I am fine with this.

main4What I’ve learned over the past 28 years is God giveth, and He taketh away. I’ve lived in Music City,TN since 2003. Before that, I leased a killer recording studio in central PA and produced tons of music. I had a great place to bring bands in and record them, which I did often. The building was about 8000 Sq. Ft. It had a live end, dead end cutting room, all maple wood. The control room was acoustically tuned and perfect for mixing.

keith3Do I miss it? Sure I do..I would be lying if I said I didn’t. I lived in the recording studio for about 7 years. I loved having artists and songwriters come in to have me polish their songs and make them sound great. Now, I have a MacBook pro with software, no cutting room to speak of, no fancy equipment or huge mixing console to twiddle knobs on.. and the occasional song I produce through my Water to Wine Productions.

And I am fine with this.

What I have also learned since following after Christ in 1986 is how God works in my life and whatever happens, the key for me as a Christ follower is to be fine with what He is doing in my life. Even the sucky parts. To be honest, I learn way more from sucking and screwing up than I do when things are going my way. The most important thing I have learned is that in order to learn and grow, I must be REAL. Reality can and does set me free. It sets US free.

It is super important to be real about where we are at in our life, deal with our past, trust the Lord for our future and be fine with this.

So this day, I encourage me and you to Get REAL and be FINE.
Keith Mohr


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