Featured Artist- Kate White

“Each week we, at INDIEHEAVEN, want to share a little about one of the hundreds of unique artists at INDIEHEAVEN. Getting to know each other better is vital in being Independent Together.

Did you know that The Kate White Band, INDIEHEAVEN ARTIST, over this past year, Kate White has had the incredible opportunity to be the worship director for 2012’s Mission ConneXion Conference held last weekend, January 20-21 at Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, WA. The task was to put a skilled team of international worshippers together that could comprise our worship team and lead out in worship with different languages…Each member of the team either spoke two languages or grew up in a two language environment. They sang not only English worship songs but also worshipped in Arabic, Indonesian, Portugese, Italian, Native American and Indian. How cool is that? Taking the language of “worship” and utilizing the talents of God’s children to worship Him. The Kate White Band has much more on their plate to offer…Take a moment and peruse their music at: Kate’s Indieheaven Profile


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