Featured Artist- Becky Wright

“Each week we, at INDIEHEAVEN, want to share a little about one of the hundreds of unique artists at INDIEHEAVEN. Getting to know each other better is vital in being Independent Together.

Did you know that Becky Wright, INDIEHEAVEN ARTIST, is not only a seasoned singer/songwriter and speaker, but she is also the mother of 10. No, I didn’t type that wrong:) She and her husband (Retired Navy Chaplain, and now Child Welfare Supervisor) have 10 children all together, including 6 grown children, 4 still at home, and 3 of the 10 are adopted. Becky serves as a passionate voice for children, particularly orphans and foster children. Becky is a frequent Keynote Speaker (and musical inspiration) at Adoption/ Orphan/ Foster Care conferences and workshops across the USA. Take a listen to Becky’s music at Becky’s Indieheaven Profile


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