Featured Artist- Anita Ferrer

“Each week we, at INDIEHEAVEN, want to share a little about one of the hundreds of unique artists at INDIEHEAVEN. Getting to know each other better is vital in being Independent Together.

Did you know, Anita Ferrer, INDIEHEAVEN Artist, is penning a book entitled, “Arise From Your Graves”. This multi-talented, singer/songwriter/ entrepreneur has battled with vast debilitating, both physically and mentally, dis-ease throughout her young life. Her world had circled around child abuse, eating disorders, self-esteem issues, domestic violence and divorce. With a survivor mentality, Anita continued on. Her story is one that reveres our Lord and Savior. She is an encourager with grand results. Her words uplift all that find themselves in her path. As you will experience from her written prose, Anita’s world now revolves around forgiveness, healing and freedom. A powerful medley, brought into existence by a muse that always believed in the promises of her heavenly Father. Check out her music here: (Anita’s Indieheaven Profile) and send her a note of encouragement as the pages of her book will promise to touch many.


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