Creating With the Creator

A songwriter who co-writes will tell you there is magic that happens when two people merge their creative juices. Stories emanate with different views, from all angles. What culminates is a song with depth, seen from two different sides of the story. Just listen to a song that has been successfully co-written. There is a unique strength to the song that happens when two talented people collaborate. Having a relationship with another songwriter who ‘gets you’ is magic. One that can finish your sentences and see what you are seeing is priceless. Just imagine if you worked along with the ultimate cowriter. The Creator himself!

Genesis 1:1 tells us that when God created the heavens and the earth, it was good. Our Creator is the master storyteller. The master songwriter. He took nothingness and created somethingness. Molding a song called Earth in seven days. Such beauty in his majestic works. The blue of the sky has many levels…it’s not just ‘blue’ as we see it, but it has a nuance all of its own, many different shades, combining so many colors. The heights of the mountains, the depths of the sea, the noise that the wind makes when it runs through the valley, the dance that raindrops perform as they spiral down the windowpane. All of God’s creation is such a beautiful song. We not only hear it, but we see it. That is what truly makes a good song, one that moves us by affecting all of our senses.

God’s word continuously speaks about what we can do with his strength. Phillipians 4:13, “I can do all things through Jesus Christ who gives me strength.” The bible tells us in Genesis 2:18 that “It is not good for the man to be alone.” We think that these are both true in all aspects of life, especially when we are dealing with the creative parts of ourselves. Years ago it was unheard of to create a song mixing two genres. Today, though, through joint effort, many musicians are understanding the essence of combining two seeming-less different genres into one song. That latest love song on the radio, featuring a rap/hip-hop artist. It plays with your mind, twists the story into a masterpiece that could not have moved us in the same way if it was done alone. When we create with the Creator, His creativity brings our song to different heights.

We coined the term “Conduit of Creativity.” When you think of a conduit, it is like a section of pipe. This particular creative conduit is shaped like an L. The top end is where creativity flows in from the creator. At the other opening is creativity that flows out to the people. The conduit itself represents a human. The role for the human is to allow creativity to flow unimpeded through the conduit. When this happens, the creativity is rich in depth and holds value to consumers.

God could have allowed creativity to flood over the world like hot caramel over an apple (He actually did this in Genesis chapter 1), but if He had continued, it may have been too much for the world to absorb and endure. Here is an interesting observation about the nature of God. He created us in his own image so He could collaborate with us to write His Story, through our stories! He also understood the concept of not doing it alone. He wanted us involved in His work, penning along with Him.

So throughout the ages, God had partnered with a small fraction of humans… His chosen minstrels, whom He knew would be sensitive enough to detect even the smallest portion of creativity flowing in from above, and who positioned themselves to be a conduit of creativity. It takes a very special person to be in tune to the frequency where God is transmitting. This is why creative people are so sensitive in nature. They are literally tuning in 24/7/365 to creativity they can barely perceive and are constantly searching the dial for the best signal.

Creatives are generally “up and down and all around” types of people. Meaning, they tend to be sparked by the side of the brain that governs behavior, intellect, emotions. Have you ever come across a placid creative? I haven’t! Creatives are curious, creatives are risky, creatives are compulsive. All of these traits are what keeps the conduit of creativity from clogging up and blocking the creative flow.

Ever have writer’s block? Almost every creative has at one time or another. Why does this happen? We can explain this phenomenon in one word. Self. Self is what blocks the conduit every time. When self becomes the focus during the creative process, it is like having a 12” hairball down the sink and caught in the U part of the pipe. Nothing gets through. In order to get rid of the block, some spiritual Draino is in order.

Creativity should not be undertaken for acquiring financial or personal gain. When it is, creativity greatly suffers. This is why most music you hear on the radio sounds the same. It becomes formulaic, generic, and homogenized. However, when a new artist hits the airwaves with a brand new sound it is because they have their pipeline cleared and are creating solely to create and enjoy the process of creating. Commerce is not a bad thing per se, but it should not be put before creativity. Creativity comes first, and then if the creation has value, commerce will follow. The Master songwriter understood all of this. Creation was first and foremost on His thoughts.

Tuning in to the Creator with a purposeful attitude and with the mindset of collaboration is the first step. Sitting down with His words, listening to and viewing His creation and believing that He is writing next to you, pen in hand, will give you peace and calm in your songwriting. John 3:30 (msg) states, “That’s why my cup is running over. This is the assigned moment for Him to move into the center, while I slip off to the sidelines.” Move over and receive writing guidance for your song from the Creator Himself! Slip off to the sidelines and create a great song together!!!

Creatively His, Keith and Sue Mohr
Keith and Sue Mohr

Keith Mohr and Sue Ross-Mohr of “The Mohr Creative Group” have years of experience serving independent Christian artists, musicians and songwriters. Keith founded in 2002, the leading portal for Christian independent music. Sue Ross-Mohr founded The Inner Vizion in 2003, a creative promotions /marketing/ consulting service to individuals and companies worldwide. Also check out The Indie Mechanics for more helpful info!


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