Are you Fishing?

Ive been thinking about this lately.. I have been working with indies since 1997.. and I see a lot of the things they do to try and “make it..”

I had this analogy come to me, and wanted to share it.
It has to do with fishing.

Artists tend to bait their hook with their music or their content and cast it out as far as they can throw their line into the deep water. They are hoping to catch a whale. The big fish.. the one fish that will feed them for life! The elusive humpback record deal, or whatever is the flavor of the moment that represents progress in their music and career.

So, they throw their line out 1, 2, 3, 4 X, or for the stubborn ones, many more times.. they reel the line in and nothing… nada, zippo, no whale.. so they put down their rods and stop fishing. They are done fishing, and go onto hunting, or something else..

Meanwhile, if they would look down at their feet, there are thousands of smaller fish, minnows mind ya.. all swimming around within arms reach.. and next to them is a net. But the net is not as easy to use as the rod and they can’t land the whales with a net. So, they let the net lay there, and the minnows swim off..

If they would only realize the minnows represent people, and the whales represent the music industry, and that minnows TASTE better than whales, they are sweeter, more tender..and they can feed you a good long time.. See, minnows are the way to go in this music industry climate..Gather the minnows, and in time, they will collective become much larger than the whale.

So, I encourage you to cast your net close, gather the minnows, and forget about the whales..

Make sense?
Keith Mohr


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