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Another blog about The CCM Industry

I came across another blog with people discussing the CCM industry. In the majority of the blogs, people trash the industry pretty hard. They have a tough time reconciling the CCM industry exists to make a profit for shareholders and … Continue reading

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2009-Challenges and Changes

Wow, another year has flown by! Seems like just yesterday I was penning my first “No-Spin” column of 2008! When I think of what has happened over the past year, it boggles my little indie mind. A new president has … Continue reading

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Indie Artists- The Power of Give to Get Marketing on Indieheaven

We are excited to announce another new feature for Indieheaven members! volumMonster is a new tool that powers the ability for Artists to grow their fan base using the “Power of Free”! Artists create codes that Fans redeem in order … Continue reading

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