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The Call of God

Hi folks! Check out a video of a teaching I gave at a seminar in Kansas City. I share how to tell and define the call of God on your life. Hope you enjoy it! here are my notes: I … Continue reading

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Check out Stevvi Alexander!

Every now and then, we have an artist join Indieheaven who is doing an incredible job in their music and mission. Have you guys checked out Stevvi Alexander yet? Stevvi’s Indieheaven profile. Amazing artist! Go check her out! Stevvi is … Continue reading

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What is your goal?

I come across quite a few artistic types who are very good at creating their art, yet many have no real goal in mind. Ask them, “what are you shooting for, and they usually give you a blank stare or … Continue reading

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Top 10 Tips for Indies

If you have been reading my articles in

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The Future of Music

I have worked with thousands of independent artists since 1997. I’m based in Franklin, TN, ground zero for the CCM industry. I rub shoulders with many of the execs from the labels. The Lord has given me favor with the … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking lately and I believe we are in a time of reformation, but this time it is a music reformation. I’m not referring to some little “indie uprising, I’m talking about big time “Martin Luther” type of reformation. … Continue reading

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Puckett’s Grocery and Buzz Cason

Every now and then, I get the call to run sound for a place called Puckett’s Grocery. Puckett’s has 2 locations near Nashville, TN. The original Puckett’s is a little grocery store with a small restaurant and even smaller stage … Continue reading

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Distribution and Demand

Indie artists get all excited about distribution. They think if they get on itunes, rhapsody, etc..etc..etc..they will sell millions of downloads. Internet distributors have made a handsome amount of money by sticking indie artists on a gajillion websites, and for … Continue reading

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Your Big Break!

I come across thousands of indie artists.. and the majority of them are looking to break into the music industry.. I have a word for you.. Your big break will come when you lay down your desire to break IN … Continue reading

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Bigger is Better?

With the proliferation of social networking websites hitting the world wide web the past few years, a fever of epidemic proportions has hit independent artists worldwide. The fever is sparked by a ravenous desire by artists to be better known. … Continue reading

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