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Christian Band or band of Christians?

Why is it that some bands call themselves a Christian band, and some call themselves a band of Christians? You may be asking yourself what’s the difference? That is a great question, and one we have been discussing on my … Continue reading

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The CCM Scene

Since 1997 I have had contact with thousands of indie artists, some just beginning their mission, and some who have been in the trenches for years. In getting to know so many artists, I’ve observed a few things I want … Continue reading

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Hit me!

Have you ever had to fight for something you believe in? Currently, I am in a fight for my mission on Indieheaven. There are several things I want to accomplish with Indieheaven, and I am finding I need to convince … Continue reading

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How to run a ministry, by Apple’s Steve Jobs

I was reading an interview with Steve Jobs from Apple.. He had this to say about their innovative products. What he shares applies to anyone creating content with the hopes of attracting an audience. Excellent food for thought as we … Continue reading

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Monday, Monday

Another work week has descended upon us. For me, days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. I never stop working. I never stop thinking. I never stop praying. I never stop doing. It must be part … Continue reading

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Psalm 51:17

Since it is Sunday, I figured I would share my favorite scripture with you. The Message Bible states it the best. Ponder and pray about this scripture. All artists should base their mission on this wonderful passage. Going through the … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Indieheaven Blogs!

Welcome to our new Indieheaven Blogs! This is where Indieheaven president, Keith Mohr will share the latest news about Indieheaven, feature our members, share podcast shows featuring the best music from our members, videos, industry and indie-stry trends and much … Continue reading

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