That's A Moron - hilarious parody by Al Mahan to Dean Martin's hit "That's Amore"

Al Mahan Concerts for Seniors - Promo

Facing the Giants meets Passion - Intense!

Grace, The Final Frontier

I've Been Everywhere (The Apostle Paul's Version)"

The Way You Look Tonight - senior parody by Al Mahan

Thing in the Road (parody by Al Mahan)

Swingin' - Parody by Al Mahan to John Anderson's

The Horseman

It's Not Reusable by Al Mahan - parody Tom Jone

Another Crypt In the Wall

America Again - Riveting slideshow of Carman song

If You're Reading This-to those who never came hom

Can You Hear Me Now - by Al Mahan

The Deliverer by Al Mahan - parody of "Thriller"

The Horseman - Live from Maui, Hawaii - ValleyIsle

Scrape It Off the Road

Thirty Silver Pieces

He Must Stay

The Way You Look Tonight - parody/video byAl Mahan

Al's son Jonathan's 84 yard punt for TennesseeTech

I've Been Everywhere (The Apostle Paul's version)