Rel. Dt: 01/11
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If My People
Come Dwell With Me
My Repentance Day 
Yisrael, My Glory
Just Give it to God
True Believer
Free in the Fire
Heal My Heart 
Holy God
In Awe of You
Rel. Dt: 01/07
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Take My Sin, Oh God 
Keep Your Eyes on the Lord 
We Stand in Awe of You 
Show Me Thy Ways, Oh LOrd 
Bar'khoo Et Adonai 
Selah, Selah 
Deliver Me 
Yisrael, I Will Redeem You 
The Love of God
Rel. Dt: 09/07
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Echad (One) 
Sha'vua Tov (Have a good week) 
the "Shema" in Hebrew 
the "Shema" in English 
Glory and Honor 
The Days are Coming 
Sing to the Lord 
When I Worship You 
the Aaronic Benediction (Hebrew) 
the Aaronic Benedicteion (English) 
the Aaronic Benedicteion (Russian)