Fruits of the Spirit
Rel. Dt: 01/70
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The fire that never ends.
Consider yourself stuck with the family
Vitual Senility
Chimpanzees apes with fleas
Back to the future
Achmads used Camel lot
Scarecrow Rap
The first 8 days
The 2 Jew blues baby
M finegan
People you know, The Wicked witch of the west.
Modern French Love sonnets 
Lifestyles of the saved and redeemed
Abuse evangelism 
Lay that bourbon down
A Little Help From My Friends
Rel. Dt: 01/70
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Heaven and Hell disclaimer$1.00
People You Know Yoda$1.00
That's why the ladies born again$1.00
Mumble Song$1.00
Bobbie Billie Benson Show$1.00
People you Know Elmer Fudd$1.00
A spoon full of ritalin$1.00
Christian swearing$1.00
Glory Land$1.00
Clam Up$1.00
Dr. Kilvorkian$1.00
People You Know Warf$1.00
Pshycic Hotline
Who's the Pastor$1.00
Jimmy Smokes Crack$1.00
Old PC Mc D$1.00
People You Know Kermit$1.00
Victory Song$1.00
The end
Dowee Fartmore