Alternatives To Fighting
Rel. Dt: 05/12
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Stand By My Fire$1.00
Dawns First Light$1.00
Alternatives To Fighting (Desperate Times)$1.00
Desperate Measures$1.00
Out From The Wreck$1.00
Thumbnail (Ode to Online Christian Dating)$1.00
Love Beyond Reach$1.00
Two Minute Warning$1.00
Morning Star$1.00
1000 Songs
Rel. Dt: 01/12
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42nd Dream$0.99
Every New Yesterday$0.99
My New Great Fear$0.99
The Boot Ever Present On My Neck$0.99
One Thousand Songs
The Victorious One
Path of Peace
Gravity Is Nothing
Captain Santa and the Illustrious Mickey B oat
Rel. Dt: 07/12
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A Day In the Light
The Wait
Promise of Christ
Blinded By His Light
God Sends The Flood 
Everything That Came Before
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The Lord's Prayer
Losing My Shadow
His Saving Grace
A Sower Went Out To Sow
In Your Embrace (feat. Mary Morrison) 
The Great I Am