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Join Date : 01/10/2010
Membership Tier : basement band
Hometown : Hercules, CA
Country : United States of America

Genres : Pop / R&B

Sounds Like : Earth Wind and Fire, Marc Anthony, Sugar Ray Santana

Influences : Motown Sound, Earth Wind and Fire, Sugar Ray, Mark Anthony

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Jim Giannini - TouchPoint

Jim Giannini - TouchPoint says:

Raise Your Hands!!! - Almost got in trouble sitting at my computer today at work. I was ready to stand up and raise my hands. You guys rock! Blessings.

Andrew Park says:

LRey is a great band, with an upbeat latin-rock/salsa flavor with even some hip-hop influence. You can salsa dance, or cha-cha to some of their songs, as well as use them for worship music at church.

New World Music says:

Wow, beautiful music. Nice CD. Not able to attend the CD-release-party this time, but I'm a big fan of L-Rey and KTLN TV.

God Bless, Parrish

Sonia says:

Praise the Lord!! I have been touched and inspired by a song name "Hold Me" that I heard thru this Christian Music Network and been sharing it with my family and friends and they felt the presence of the LORD, feeling it was just what He has done in our lives as a whole. "Hold Me" has gone even as far as Hawaii where my son is stationed as a Corpsman in the U.S. Navy and it has given him the opportunity to minister to other service men in the military barracks thru this song and I am sure that God has already began a good work in them just by listening to this song some which already deployed to Afghanistan and we hope and pray that God will keep them safe and they will know for sure that He is holding them in the palm of His hand while they sacrifice their lives and do so much for this country. "Hold Me" has make a difference in the lives of many....I'd love to hear it again and if you be so kind to allow us to continue to minister thru this wonderful, beautiful, heartfelt song!!!!! Thank you and be bless, Sonia

Kelly Snyder says:

Praying for you all!!! Can't wait for the release party. Waiting to see you guys in the #1 spot on Top 20!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!

Kelly Snyder says:

Guys thank you for your dedication! Our whole family loves and supports you...Community Alliance is a lucky church to have such talent among us!!! May God continue to bless you and your families.

Teddy says:

Wow, this music rocks. Surely happy that there is a fresh new sound in worship music!!

Loyd Lacanlale says:

Indie Heaven is such a cool site. I pray that L-Rey gets discovred through this website. This band really needs to share their music with the world. Record lables if you happen to read this. I represent millions of Christian in the world You would be making a mistake not to sign these guys. Thank you for providing us with a fresh and new sound. God Bless you

Ernie Nolasco says:

Mi Corazon song is outstanding. When God touches the heart, it's over. No more running away.
Your Love Heard My Prayers: Wow San Fran all the way with the Lord
Thank you.
The lord will take this to the next level. Enjoy!

Shirey says:

Wow, this music rocked my out of the gate and all tracks are inspiring.

Rita Cantu Delgadillo says:

What an amazin group of guys, Thank you!! Everytime I hear the song Hold Me it's like I hear it for the first time, what a blessing. God Bless Lrey.

Jennifer says:

LRey's New album is off the hook! Listen & Feel the LORD in the air we breath!...

Terry (apostlethatroks) Kelly says:

LRey music plays in my heart, sways in my heart and stays in my heart. It doesn't get any better than that.

Rose Richter says:

Loving the new music from LReyMusic!!

Michelle Owen says:

Great song guys!! Love it.

becky West says:

I love the new album., especially raise your hands. I love watching you guys perform. Congratulations on being a true work of god.

Becky West says:

Lrey you guys are the bomb. I love your music. I go listen to you play whenever I can. I love the nice clean christian entertainment. It makes for good listening on the road during the morning commute.

wendy says:

Interesting new sound. Will have to keep listening!

Jean DeChant says:

Great stuff!!

Debbie Anderson says:

When I play your music, I know the Holy Spirit is there. I turn the music up and I dance to the Lord raising my hands as David did in the streets. God Bless You All! "Holy Spirit Rain Down"!