Carmel RorkeLATEST STATUS: Now have lyrics for "World"(World pt 2), Praise, Higher, Hope, Follow, Wonders & Alleluia. Time to get stuck in to vocals!

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Join Date : 06/15/2008
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Melbourne,Australia, XX
Country : Australia

Genres : Instrumental / Inspirational

Sounds Like : Varied: rock, almost classical, electronic.

Influences : Mike Oldfield,Enya,Vangelis,Pink Floyd

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asbury park angel, Anita Ferrer

asbury park angel, Anita Ferrer says:

Hey sister, Carmel,
beautiful job on these songs. Magnificent and ethereal, majestic. I am praying for you! Keep strong and decree your victory OUT LOUD every day! tell the kids to do so too. I love ya.

Marox says:

Well done, a wonderful tribute to our mother.

Drac Buoy says:

Both relaxing and inspiring. Simba and Mandy are purring along to this.

Sam Gill says:

Hello fellow electronic musician, welcome to IH. You music is sooooo cool. I should have stayed mellow, and true to my early works, following also Vangelis, and Mike Oldfield, plus Tomita. Blessings.

Andrea C Parker says:

welcome to Indieheaven! Beautiful music! May God BLESS you and your ministry!!!!

Keith@indieheaven.com says:

So nice to have you with us on Indieheaven!
I enjoyed your song, it is very nice!
Keep up the excellent faith-work!
Keith Mohr