The Justin Cofield Band

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Join Date : 06/23/2006
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Round Rock, TX
Country : United States

Genres : Rock / Praise/Wrshp

Sounds Like : John Mayer, Dave Mathews

Influences : Caedmons Call, David Crowder

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manu says:

these guys are awesome they were at super summer this year and they did an awesome job, u guys ROCK!!!!

Julia says:

They are so great!!!! They played at a camp I was at and everyone loved them!!!

Newcree says:

guys, just thot i'd drop a note to say thanks for the good music. stay blessed!

Doreen Vail says:

Hey there! I also have a song called "Send Me" , fast and slow versions. Inspired from Isaiah 6:8. I love your sound! God really speaks in one voice! Please take time to check out my versions at: www.doreenvailonline.com. May God continue to prosper your way!

Chris Carder

Chris Carder says:

Hey Guys....great stuff! Lovin' Send Me! Will you make the 2008 Summit? Hope to see ya there. God bless!

Ryan Osborne says:

Just wanted to let y'all know I was praying for you! Can't wait for your new album!

John Gillespie

John Gillespie says:

Hey guys~ You can really sense God's presence while listening to your music. Thanks for sharing your talent, and may God bless your ministry.

Dana Tock

Dana Tock says:

Loving your sound and style. May the LORD continue to bless you all and this music ministry.

In Christ - For Christ - Because of Christ,
Dana Tock

Debbie Sheppard says:

Great music from Justin Cofield Band.

Linda Cowles says:

Great song

kerensa gray

kerensa gray says:

Great sound guys. Excellent! Can't wait to hear more.

Flight Theory @IH says:

Cool vibe and good mix I hear all the parts and vocals. Nice job

Wesley Waldron says:

Great stuff man. Production, Vocals, Songs, Cover ART, A+++++ Keep Goin' !!!!

Mike C says:

Your music sounds great!!!

danny from mile7 says:

I dig it!

Shawn from 7 Ways says:

Really enjoy your music! Please check out our site when you get the chance! Peace....

Brandon Hixson of Godfueled says:

Nice job!!!!!

trista byron says:

i love ya'll music it is so kool my mom wont let me by the cd over the internet but she is trying to look for places that mite have it i dont know but i realy want cd i feel like it makes me hole and it brings me closser to God my mom dont understand that well i tryed to get a myspace site thing for me but my dad said its bad so i cant but i saw yalls and it was allsome oh if yall talk to bob smiley tell him that sugar said hi and his friend trista said hi ok well guess i am going to stop wasting ya'lls time thats and if can will ya'l type back oh and another thing before i go i really dont know how this indieheaven thing works so um i dont realy know what to do on this thing ok well g2g

trista byron says:

hey ya'll guys ya'll dont know me i think i was just at 1 of the church camps that ya'll played for i just wanted ya'll to know ya'll change my life! at first it was easy but know i am slipping away but ever time i fill like i am i think of that song "send me" and that song reminds me to do better my family is not realy chirstians well my mom is but she does go to church but she does pray she is in the middle my dad he is more to the not so chirstian side and my little brother is about to trun 9 and he loves god b/c i tought him how to pray and i told him that God is real and he belives and my older brother he is 15 and 1 time he told me he dont care if he goes to heel and it scares me b/c i want my brother to go to heaven b/c i love him i really dont know how to change hes mind i try to talk to my mom but she doesnt have time to talk she is to busy at work its suck but its life well thank yall so much for everything god bless and keep spreading Gods word bye

Rebecca Marchbanks says:

Just bought the new cd andI love it. "You Explode" is my fave.