Sulley and Sisson

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Join Date : 11/05/2007
Membership Tier : basement band
Hometown : Oklahoma City, OK
Country : United States of America

Genres : Adult Contemporary / Praise/Wrshp

Sounds Like : Sulley and Sisson

Influences : Chris Tomlin, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, The Eagles

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Pam Fraim Kilby says:

You guys are awesome. I love looking at the pictures and listening to the music.

Linda Fieth says:

Hey, Love the new photos!! Kudos to Frank..........excellent! Thought you guys were going to put Glory Road up on fan faves?????
Blessings and Love always, Linda

Linda Fieth says:

Hey guys, great worship service yesterday! I always feel so blessed every Sunday to have spent our worship time with you two......the Lord's Hand is definitely moving in your lives so keep the faith and keep those songs coming! In Him, Linda

Deb Sisson says:

Surfing the net...This is wierd. David is it? I'm a Christian and into music too. I'm looking for my anscestors. Do you have any contacts? Evidently my great /grandfather came to Australia 1880.

Giving Back says:

Congrats guys - your song "Superman" is #1 on Adult Contemporary genre.

We are just behing you at #2 with "Loving Your neighbour".

We do it for Jesus - but this is fun too.

God Bless!

Giving Back

Gayle Sisson says:

David, If your hair were white I would swear it was my father (your namesake) sitting at the piano in this picture! I am so impressed with your CD! I loaned it to a friend and I can't get it back!

Keith@Indieheaven says:

So nice to have you with us on Indieheaven!
Very nice job on your music and content!
keep up the excellent faith-work!
Keith Mohr

Drew Davisen (smooth jazz guitar)

Drew Davisen (smooth jazz guitar) says:

The guitars are kickin' in Glory Road. Very nice guys. You rock!

Linda Fieth says:

Finally a great picture of you guys! I love it. Congratulations on your success with Ridin' High in Fan Faves. May God continue to Bless your ministry!

Linda Fieth says:

Love your mission statement! It's great to hear what your friends are saying about this cd.....it's all so true! Prayers going up for continued growth and of course........more new songs for the next cd! Love you both,

Debbie Howell says:

David and Glen: Your CD is so tight and professional - I am proud to know you guys and David of course - "love your piano"
I'll keep up the vigil to let everyone know the CD is available.

Terry Dearmore says:

David, knowing you for so long makes me very proud of you, old bandmate! God Bless your present and future1 thanks for staying active in music and Christ! Td

marilyn johnson says:

great cd; great songs with meaningful lyrics written by the artists. go for it Glenn!

Gayle Sisson says:

The song Better Days is what I wish I could have prayed for my father a couple years ago. Thank you for saying it for me.

Dorothy Sisson says:

Congratulations on your successful Ridin High and Glory Road We continue to enjoy both.

Chris Hicks says:

Loved the songs, great arangements, good work boys!!

KP says:

These guys are great. Sometimes Glenn reminds me of Engelbert Humperdink.

Linda Carpetner says:

This is very exciting. We are all proud of you Glen. Good luck to both of you and we will be anxious to hear the music. Linda

Yvonne Carpenter says:

Superman was my favorite. Good work. Website looks good too.

Lisa Helder says:

Hey guys,
Thanks for the wonderful comment you left us!!! That was very encouraging and from a fellow Canadian as well!!! May God bless you in your walk with Him and in your music ministry!! You've got some great tunes!! God bless!! Keep up the great work (eh!!) ha, ha !!Blessings!!! Lisa