Gina ZavalisLATEST STATUS: NCAA Fordham University Rams Official Press Office calls Gina their "Lucky Charm" When she sings the National Anthem, they WIN!

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Join Date : 01/04/2009
Membership Tier : basement band
Hometown : NYC/LA//Nashville, NY
Country : United States of America

Genres : Pop / Adult Contemporary

Sounds Like : Me :-)

Influences : Vocal Influences: Lara Fabian, Linda Eder, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Sarah Brightman, Barbara Streisand with a little Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald thrown in at times :)

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John Vitz

John Vitz says:

Hi Gina, I am new to IH, so I have been looking through several profiles to get acquainted with some of the artists here. Your music is really good and you truly do sound quite a bit like Linda Eder. I wish you continued success and blessings +++

judith says:

Gina you are finally getting there through work,desire and determination it is in th epalm of your hand. Keep the faith.



The Lowry Agency says:

Gina, you have the voice of an angel and deserve to be heard around the world. The best voice I have heard from an unsigned artist in a very long time. I so look forward to hearing more music from you. Good luck with your dream!

Lynn Walters says:

do you need an agent? I'm available! Good Luck!FANTASTIC!

Lucie R says:

Gina, you have an amazing voice and God given talent. I really enjoy this song and look forward to your CD. May God continue to bless you, in sharing your gift with others.

Rick Dean says:

Gina has a very bright future ahead of her without a doubt! I personally and professionally look forward to experiencing more of Gina's music. Thanks for a great listening experience!

Rick Dean

James Smith says:

Can't wait to hear Gina's voice again after all these years!

chad rowe says:

Wow. Amazing voice. Very beautful too. I can here this song playing during a a very gratifying part in a movie. VERY powerful.

Phil McLeod says:

I would also like to follow your music. I'm an artist to play with big bands in my life like the funkbrothers and steve miller band and elton joh, i been playing for 40 years all over the world. i have a group that I'm promoting called tha Tooonz. follow them. They are Hip Hop band. they are on my space. thank your and God bless you. your friend Phi.

Javier Perez says:

Gina I think your song is great and you still sound like an angel to me.

RJ Sharp says:

Wow! I listened to In Your Eyes out of curiosity thinking maybe you covered Peter Gabriel. I _really_ like this song. As a singer/songwriter I'm impressed and as a believer I'm blessed. It's what I needed right now...

Renee says:

Gina, My childhood buddy, God has blessed you with such a beautiful voice.Continue on walking with the Lord, He is the way , the truth and the light.Love you .

alecos tringides says:


kithy says:

I'm gonna miss you at the Summit! Bummer!
Thanks for the support! I wish I could support you at the Summit!
When's the next song comin' out girl?

Orestis Tringides says:

really, this is very good.

Penne says:

You have a beautiful voice! I love this song. So inspiring and filled with praise. God bless.

anne capua says:

Gina you have the most incredible voice!!!! God Bless you for making it to #1 to me you always were #1 all along.... It i s now your time!!!!

Nancy Nelson says:

beautiful voice, love the words, keep on dreaming and singing! Many many blessings!

Patricia V. Fields says:

Gina, you have a beautiful voice and the song is absolutely wonderful! I have to tell my daughter about you.

All the best