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Join Date : 08/10/2007
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Nashville, TN
Country : United States of America

Genres : Alternative / Rock

Sounds Like :

Influences : Ryan Adams, Vertical Horizon, Howie Day, Incubus, Pearl Jam

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Rich O'Reilly

Rich O'Reilly says:

Blood is a great song, nice production. You have a Howie Day tone to your music.

Duane Rod says:

Mike, Photograph is fantastic and some really nice vocals. Bass is kickin and the synth work is very nice. Keep up the "from the heart" songs.


Peter Gray says:

Dude hot music man! This is good stuff. Props for being from Oklahoma and not sucking, I love the techno added in. Good stuff.

Dana Tock says:

Hey you guys!

I like it a lot!!! Thanks to "Fan Faves" I'm hearing you for the first time today. May many be blessed by the LORD through your music and all ministries He calls you into. I'm one.

In Christ - For Christ - Because of Christ,

Jacques Lilavois says:

Just voted for "Passengers" - good sound! I just joined indieheaven and posted my first CD! Thanks and keep putting out good music. - Jacques Lilavois

Chris Carder

Chris Carder says:

Hey Bro,
Love the sound. Awesome. Blood is a great song. How do you get your hair to do that!? Seriously, Where did you record your project? God bless you brother. Keep investing the Kingdom in people!

Richard Tagala says:

theres a rumor that your song is great i hope i can have one because i cant see copy of your album here in Philippines...


enjoying your tunes and your sound. welcome to indieheaven. welcome to me begin for your ep for my show. HOLD ON HOLD ON

Quinetta James says:

My sound must not be working

ryland russell

ryland russell says:

hey man, looks like we both made it into the "radio" section. We owe it all to mr. jared evans eh? So are you for real mb and the birds now?

Tuf-Gi Productions, Inc. says:

Hey!! Sounds awesome as all ways!! I like bodies, it's got that 80's meets new millinium sound!! Hope all is well brother, it us up some time!!

Jesse Shuster

Jesse Shuster says:

Great music, bro. Welcome to IH. Look forward to getting to know you.
Grace and Peace,

Jesse Shuster

Keith@indieheaven says:

Great to have you on Indieheaven!
I listened to your songs.. GREAT JOB!
Keep up the excellent faith-work!
Keith Mohr

Ryland Russell

Ryland Russell says:

Hey buddy o mine, i think this indieheaven thing is purty cool, you need to resize those pics haha! We need to get together again soon and play!