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Join Date : 11/04/2005
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : ridgewood, NJ
Country : United States of America

Genres : Rock / Contemporary

Sounds Like : train, steven curtis chapman, shaun groves. casting crowns, michael w. smith,

Influences : elton john, train, steven curtis chapman, michael w. smith, casting crowns, keith green, steve camp, mylon lefevre, petra

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Jeffrey S Brock

Jeffrey S Brock says:

We can be the love. Cellos are mesmerizing. Awesome. God Bless

Arthur Payne says:

Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I downloaded the free download you provided and would like to play your song on our internet Christian radio station, KBAT Christian Radio. We are not a reporting station but play the music of independent artists to help give them more exposure and promotion. Please advise if this would be ok. Thank you and God Bless,

brotherdaniel says:

loved your music, you are a gifted artist thank you so much for sharing that gift. god bless

Thommy Sides says:

Hey Bro, I really liked your song, "The Love of Jesus" It really ministered to me. I'm an American living in South Africa now, and may soon join Indieheaven myself. Was looking at the artists, and you came up on their radio. I could hear your heart in your singing, and that is rare these day. I hope you keep going for the Lord. Don't get discouraged...keep pressing in there. You can friend me on Facebook bro, if you'd like. Not too many Thommys with an H...ha ha! I decided to do that for that reason...Lol. I use to live in Plainfield years ago, and did some ministry on Rutgers Univ. God Bless You, Thommy Sides

Eric Dowden says:

My name is Eric Dowden and I am a new podcaster and was wanting to know if I could play one of your songs on my podcast as the "song for the week." I really enjoyed listening to all of your songs and was wondering if I could use one my podcast.
The podcast is a free podcast and so I am not making any money form it. Please don't feel any pressure to allow me to use your song if you are ok for me to use a song. I will purchase a single song to use if you are ok with me using any song. If you rather I use a specific song please let me know. Of coarse I will give you credit and will share how they can get a hold of you. If you have a special song with a great story to go along with it let me know. I can use it. I can call you through skype and let you share your story before the song.
Thank you for your time,

Laura Larkins says:

Love of Jesus is indeed a great song! Thanks for writing it and sharing!

Dee Emeigh says:

Congratulations, Dave! Best wishes for continued success!

Stronghold - Mickey Rosenfeld says:

Congrations Dave, may God continue to bless your ministry

Christopher Wright says:

Congrats, brother- God is good! Keep burning bright for the Lord!

Ken Whitson

Ken Whitson says:

Dave, I LOVE your song, The Love of Jesus. It's so good, it makes my heart ACHE. I looked for it on CCLI, but didn't find it. I'd love for our Saturday Night service to be able to sing it. What would we have to do to make that happen? Thanks, Ken Whitson (Like Minds)

chris carder

chris carder says:

Hey Dave, I been listening to 'The Love of Jesus' and just wanted to say.... "Great song, great voice, great message." God bless ya brother!

Cameron Pruitt says:

Hey, Dave. I listened to your song on the fan faves pages. Good song. Nice writing.

Michelle Burchett says:

One of the most inspirational 9/11 memorial songs. Not only will it bring hope to those effected 9/11, but by any tragedy.

Keep sowing seeds. The harvest will be greater than you can imagine!


Michelle Burchett says:

One of the most inspirational 9/11 memorial songs available. No doubt it will comfort and encourage not only those who were effected by 9/11, but by any personal tragedy. Blessings.

Keep sowing seeds. Your harvest will be greater than you ever imagined!

VIrginia Dougherty says:

Thanks for allowing the free download of "There is Hope." We played the video at the beginning of our 9/11 memorial service today at the VA hospital in Pittsburgh. The audience was deeply touched by it's life affirming message. One veteran especially was strongly affected by the music and images. Much appreciation. Virginia, Music Therapist

Virginia Dougherty says:

Thanks for allowing me to download "There is Hope." We had a memorial service today at the VA hospital in Pittburgh and opened it with your video. It was life affirming and many were touched by it's message.

Extreme Radio International says:

Hello, happy new year!

Can you send us some music from you to be play at our Radio Station extreme radio International, please?

You can send them at mp3 at 192kbps or superior quality at this email: xradio@xministries.com


Andrea Davis-Griffin

Andrea Davis-Griffin says:

Congratulations on "Big Enough" making it up to the top songs of the Top 20 !! Its a big enough song and concept to do this genre justice, keep it up, Dave.

for Prayer/Life

Drew Davidsen

Drew Davidsen says:

Dave, the new CD is coming. Check out the title track. Special thanks to Paul Jackson Jr., and Chuck Loeb for playing on, "We 3 Stringz."

It's on the fan faves as well.


C Estes says: