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Join Date : 10/18/2005
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Atlanta (Cumming), GA
Country : United States of America

Genres : Adult Contemporary / Inspirational

Sounds Like : Sean Smith

Influences : Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Steve Green, Phil Naish (Producer)

Songwriting Influences:
Lowell Alexander, Dave Clark, Sue Smith, Scott Krippayne, Joel Lindsey, Twila Labar, Marty Funderburk, Tony Wood, Belinda Smith, Kevin Stokes

Profile Views : 110037
Audio Plays : 119230
Total Comments : 309

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Drew Davidsen

Drew Davidsen says:

Sean, the new CD is coming. Check out the title track. Special thanks to Paul Jackson Jr., and Chuck Loeb for playing on, "We 3 Stringz."

It's on the fan faves as well.


Steve Pennamen says:

Great Stuff, Wonderful Voice, Nice Tracks....May your ministry be greatly blessed....

Richard Alan Smith says:

I just purchsed the Real cd New Year's Eve (12.31.09) and just love it. God is speaking volumes with your music. Any chance of getting "In The Morning" as a Track. Blesses my heart and soul. Thanks to God for you and your ministry. God Bless.

Taylor Jordan

Taylor Jordan says:

Mr. Smith,

You have a great voice! it's pretty cool how each of your songs has a uniquely different flavor than the other. No song sounds the same as the last.

chris lucas

chris lucas says:

Mr. Smith - I hope you're doing well, my friend. Be blessed and encouraged this fine day!

Holly Starr

Holly Starr says:

Hi Sean! Great to hear from you! I was just thinking about you this week! Cool. :) Let me know if you have plans to come towards WA!

Brandi Joy Belinge says:

Wow, Sean! I rememebr singing with you in choral music at HBMS. Your music is beautiful!

Love and Light

Doris Spradlin says:

Sean, keep up the good work. Just listened to your two new songs "Choices" and "Front Row Seats". Loved both of them. Will look forward to lots more in the future.

Benton Stokes

Benton Stokes says:

Hey bro! Just signed up. Hope you and yours are doing great. Lemme know when you're coming to town. I have time to write and hang these days. Let's have some fun! bks

Janelle Ross

Janelle Ross says:

So enjoyed meeting your beautiful little family. Thanks for spending breakfast with us. Let us know when you are going to be back in Nashville. I'll be praying the Lord continue to bless your ministry. Janelle

Phil Mehrens says:

Hey Sean,
Just stopped by for a listen.

Carrie Marshall

Carrie Marshall says:

Hey, Sean.

Great to hear you play today at the Rutledge. I really enjoyed your stuff! I'm glad to get to know you a little better. Keep up the great work!


craig whittaker

craig whittaker says:

Congrats on another well deserved Momentum award! It was great to see and especially hear you again. Your heart is truly and inspiration to many and I look forward to one day just sitting down and having a conversation with you (or maybe playing 18 at the same time :) If you golf like you write and sing...well...I'm going to need strokes my friend! Continued success as you proclaim His kingdom.


Della says:

Yay Sean! Congrats on the award! Hope unreal things happen for you! Keep pointing to Him!

Kerensa Gray

Kerensa Gray says:

Sean, it was really great seeing you again at the summit. I would love to have a minute or two just to sit down and fellowship some time! Thanks for your willingness to give of yourself and your time and offer tips...It is much appreciated and touches my heart. Many continued blessings on your life and ministry!

Tory Dardar

Tory Dardar says:

Congrats on your success. Love your heart and how your voice proclaims it. Brother, keep being a "Man of Meaning". God bless.

Mark Cable

Mark Cable says:


Great to meet you in person at the Summit!! Enjoyed hearing your songs and just hangin' out!! Listened to your CD on the way home. Very nice! The new stuff sounds great too!!! Keep it up...


Drew Davidsen

Drew Davidsen says:

Sean, Great to see you at the Summit. I really like they direction of the new songs and mixes. Congrats on your Momentum Award. I feel blessed to know you as a friend.

scott riggan

scott riggan says:

Hey Sean, thanks for the note. I've just finished listening to your new demo. Really, really nice. Who will you be working with on this new project? Are you in Nashville or in Atlanta? My band is based in TN even though I live out West... I'll be in Atlanta for a festival in September, and we haven't booked a Sunday morning yet (got any referrals for a brothuh?) ... Anyway, just wanted to say hello...
Grace and peace,

claudia creason says:

I am the mother of Sierra Creason, our angel with a broken wing. Sierra is confined to a hospital bed, whom can nnot walk, talk. Sierra will never dance, walk down the aisle or hold her baby... We love her so much. She is on a ventilator to help her breath, we have her here at home with us. Thank you for your beautiful song "If Sierra Can Smile" It is her life story.