The SumLATEST STATUS: Alive and Well!!!

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Join Date : 03/03/2006
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Athens, GA
Country : United States of America

Genres : Rock / Alternative

Sounds Like : Maroon 5, The Cardigans, Sarah McLachlan, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Influences : Way too many to list! But key influences are The Police/Sting, Doris Day, Tori Amos, Incubus, U2

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Chris R. Saxton

Chris R. Saxton says:

Love the music. Your influences really come through. Just posted a self-titled album today and thought I'd surf for similar music. Great stuff!

Micah Stout says:

Good to know someone else in GA is representing. Where did you record this and when will it be released? It sounds very good.

anita ivette ferrer

anita ivette ferrer says:

Hi Flee, girl,
I love you & Chris' new songs!!! I listen to everyone everytime I drive hubby's eemer, LOL! I love's ya girl. Where are ya? When will the CD be finished. You guys should be signed. How are the babies??
If you ever are in Jersey or the try state area, I'd love doing harmonies with you.
angel, baby

mickybreedlove says:

I like your sound. It's all good.

mariee says:

Hey you guys. I was checking out your new video from the home page. I like your band name. Where are you guys performing at

Russell Martin says:

Wow.. sounds awesome.

Marq-Paul J. LaRose says:

Man, you guys totally ROCKED the summit. I'm so glad I met you. I will definitely be keeping in touch.

Tory Dardar

Tory Dardar says:

Wanted to thank you for your performance at the Summit. You guys did an amazing job. Very talented. Keep it up. God bless.

chris lucas

chris lucas says:

Woaw, guys - I love Black Mountain, and the whole ball of wax. This is such intelligent music. You are grooving my day, you groovers, you!

Miriam Flowe says:

Hey guys! I'm enojoying the new stuff! Danny shared with me a couple of weeks ago, but this morning I had a bit of a "hankerin'' for some of the Sum! Thanks for sharing your gifts!

Amanda Brady says:

ANTHEM -- love this song! You got all the perfect elements working for you in this song. The intro grabs you right from the start with a nice catchy upbeat that sets the tone for the whole song. Lyrics are strong, well versed and a relevant message, not awkward at any point. Even THE SUM is a solid name, that doesn't feel cheesie.

Band members have a nice trendy look, great cover pic. The big thing going is the female lead -- a little Maroon 5 and a touch of Pat Benatar, and a whole other sound. Beautiful. Would love to hear this girl belt out LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD. haha.

So yeah, from the songs I've sampled so far. This group definitely has all the markings of that all important "staying power." I think they'll do well in music ministry as well as music artistry.

Rob Rinderer says:

Great stuff! Original sound and approach! Great vocals too. Keep it up! Blessings

anita ferrer

anita ferrer says:

hi guys! the more i listen to you the more i loves ya! felicity...great vocals & as far as the songs choise. i LOVE variety...that's what i love about you. if people don't like variety, tell 'em to get singles, LOL. fabulous influences and musicianship. i can definately relate to struggling for years to define the sound & style. Thank God you found your hubby & partner. I'm still searching for my other "musica;" half...no luck & so disappointing still solo. You guys should be signed.. how is your voice holding up? I pray everyday for a partner...love you, love you...love you!!!
hugs angel

anita ferrer says:

hi felicity & chris. WOW! what a blessing to listen to all your songs. i'm putting together my Christmas tree after along month of delivering phonebooks out in the cold. I can relate to you guys fighting tooth & claw to come to your sound. been singing secular covers in restauraunts to scrape money for my CD, (to be totally myself on my guitar) Mod Prophet. Have been very down, disillusioned, jaded and disappointed with the lack of substance in the church, my family & friends (that I thouight I had so many before i married mark) and life in general. your sound is so refreshing, stimulating , sophisticated & amazing harmonies. listening to all your songs REALLY lifted my spirits today. Thank you!!! i love your variety...be yourself. if many different, ecelctic sounds is your forte...go with it. i love variety. i'm having a real battle right now with my drummer & ex producer who say i need to find out who i am....waaa....ttt.......eclectic & multi-genred is what i am. you guys are that too...if people don't like your variety, tell em to buy just the singles they like! i LUV you guys...to me you are awesome & should have been signed.

anita ferrer

anita ferrer says:

hey felicity,
love your voice and unique sound. you got good thing goin on with your hubby.what a blessing to have each other. i love your influences also. very lovely, eclectic style, like scarlet snow, both of you guys are favorites! keep up the good work...lotsa sarah mclaclan influences..., who also is a great fave of mine.
lotsa love,

Neal Cowan says:

Thanks for the help at scarletsnows C.D. party. You guys were great.
Neal Cowan (scarletsnow) dad

Kimberley Burgess says:

I was told by Harry Offutt to check you out tonight while he was chatting in my Christian chat room. I would love for you to stop by sometime on a Saturday night during our Radio Show. I love your music, it is awesome. My favorite artist anymore at IndieHeaven artist and I have several links on my site to IndieHeaven also. Please feel free to join us, if you are interested, please emial me and I will be glad to send you the link to the site. Matt, from Newsateleven, AlyB and others are there on Sat. nights, including from time to time Tawana. You are great, Love in Christ, Kimberley

Bob Oliver says:

My vote for Long Gone......Great vocals....

Jill Perry says:

Hello! One of our student-athletes in our ministry, Megan Darrah, contacted me about your website. I believe that Megan has set up a date for you to come and play for us on Sunday night, August 19th. Would you contact me to confirm please? Thank you and look forward to meeting ya'll! -Jill Perry
phone: 706-224-9917

Daniel Now says:

Great songs and great sounding recording! Fresh, thoughtful and fun.