Todd Mayer

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Join Date : 07/14/2003
Membership Tier : touring pro
Hometown : Cape Coral, FL
Country : United States of America

Genres : Songwriter / Adult Contemporary

Sounds Like :

Influences :

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Evan the Yellow Pages Guy says:

I'm impressed! You should offer to perform while you clean the pools!

Aika Villapez says:

Hi Todd,
Wonderful voice.. you are heaven sent to me and to the people inspired by your music.. Keep up inspiring people..

Kathy Blackmer says:

Such a talent! Keep blessing others with your music!

Doug Wells says:

Hi Todd,
Your music is an angel in my life as I listen to the old days.
You hold a place in my heart.
Funny how you look back and do not know how the words were so true.


Sharmane says:

Hi Todd! I see you too are a FL based artist! Wonderful to meet you here on IH! I hope you are inspired by the love of God every single day!

If you get a chance-stop by and check out my new radio single-I SURRENDER. I am also working on an impact project where proceeds from the download are going to St Jude's Hospital. Hope you'll consider partnering with me.

Peace & Hugs-

Wade MacDonald says:

i no your son from xbox live but u have some good music i like it make more

Jon Mayer says:

Great music dad.

Dawn says:

"I cherish your music....Have a wonderful life..You are a "Saint."take care.."

Eric says:

Very inspired songs ... keep up the good work

Doc says:

"Without You" ... very much moved me. Love it's melody and message."

Dawn says:

"Another wonderful song"WITHOUT YOU"..Your voice and music are etched on my soul..GOD BLESS YOU."

Dawn says:

"Listening to your heartfelt song "GOD LOVES.." is PURE JOY.."

Annetta Janisch says:

Hey Todd, Your are a blessing always!

Marilyn says:

Your voice so strong and words so moving....God bless you.

kev ward says:

A blessing indeed. Like the concept of "devil on the run".

Linda says:

God has truly given you a gift. This song to me is a Blessing.

LR says:

"Look Up" encouraging lyrics when your in despair. Thank you so much for your obedience.

Linda says:

Our Lord Is Alive, beautiful lyrics. God Bless you with your vision towards Christ.

greg@nikelh.com says:

hmm... listened to you the other night and i thought i posted something... but i didnt... anyways great music... kinda has a small feel of eric clapyton? i could be wrong... regardless its great music

anna maysie gallardo says:

hope there would be portion for me to get christian song lyrics easier as in "one click"