Stephen BautistaLATEST STATUS: Stephen's new CD, A Childlike Faith is now available at www.stephenbautistamusic.com

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Join Date : 11/14/2006
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Las Vegas, NV
Country : United States of America

Genres : Inspirational / Adult Contemporary

Sounds Like : Stephen Bagasao

Influences : My Dad, Dan Fogelberg, James Taylor, Kenny Loggins, Toto, Chicago, Barry Manilow, Christopher Cross, Chris Rice, Steven Curtis Chapman, Petra, Whiteheart, Scott Krippayne, Bach, Gershwin, Dave Brubeck, Vince Garaldi, Aaron Copeland, Eric Copeland

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Gloria says:

Hi Stephen,

I came across your music just today. I noticed that your new CD is out of stock. When do you expect it to become available again.


Adriane Blanco

Adriane Blanco says:

I really enjoy your song "Abandon". Keep up the kingdom work!
Adriane Blanco

Nathalie Bagasao Milliken says:

Hi, Stephen, love your music. Why am I not surprised to see you in this field? Just following in the family footsteps. You look so much like Uncle Amador. Take care, hugs, your cuz, Nathalie


FORGED IN THE FIRE- made its debut last wk ... your current kbcu single. GREAT SONG

Brian Chupa says:

May the good lord continue blessing you so much for the work you are doing. Im writting in from Africa Botswana.

Bless you.

donna Duvall says:

you are so awesome, i love this sound, you must keep doing this going oon , dont give up

donna Duvall says:

love your sounds and your spirit

Keep going

Donna Duvall says:

Love this one, thanks for your good heart

Mary Q. says:

So pleased to hear that you've completed the CD. Love the music -- easy listening, meditative and on occasion, thought provoking. Congratulations on making the decision to follow the difficult path, and best of luck with your ministry.

From Arkansas says:

Keep it up!!! You have a good voice. What an awesome way to spread the Good News!!! -Christina

I love the choice of words in each song. The songs are great because they contain the main messge of the Bible, Jesus loved us so much that he came to die and rise to forgive our sins. -Anna

From just one song I could tell that I really enjoyed your singing and I listened to a bunch.-Emily

Out of the mouths of the young! The consensus is--Yes! please continue down this path. You and your family will be blessed by it and God will continue to bless countless others through you.
With Grace--

Mark Cable

Mark Cable says:

Great Sound!!! I really like your voice. Very pleasing to listen to!! Keep up the good work!


dont ABANDON me..lol waiting and waiting and so waiting to play your new music on kbcu ---- you know that already stephen

i must abandon and step on that small and narrow limb and follow you with abandon . (completely surrendered into your hands) WOW STEVE YOU CAN WRITE EM. (and sing em)

Becky Carey

Becky Carey says:

Wow Stephen!!! Absolutey beautiful! I am only 3 songs in and I can't even wait to write you to say how much I love your music. Great songwriting! Superb production...a given at CSR, and your voice is so inviting and full of feeling and adoration for the Lord. Keep pressing into God's loving hands and forward my brother into God's amazing plans for you. God has annointed you for this work!

Everyone...I highly recommend you listen to and support Stephen and his new project. I'm so looking forward to getting my own copy of this CD!

Harry Offutt

Harry Offutt says:

Very nice project. Great songs and incredible production. Once again, Creative Soul! You have a very clean voice and I can hear your heart in the expression of your voice. Good job!

Sandi Simon says:


I love your sound and the lyrics to your songs!!! Welcome to IH! May God continue to bless your ministry as you serve Him!


Mike Westendorf

Mike Westendorf says:

Front page baby! Glad to see this project getting out there. You've got great songs to share with people can't wait to hear you do it Live! God's blessings Steve, Love your music and your heart for the Lord, Brand New Day, You Came to Live in Me, awesome! Invite the blessing and God will be faithful. Congrats on the CD, Keep Climbing this Mountain in Christ!

Mike Westendorf

Michael Hiskey

Michael Hiskey says:

WOW! Stephen I'm a fan! I really like "The Most Beautiful Thing", "You Came to Live in Me", "Suddenly", and "Brand New Day" but shoot,... it's all good!

Ya'll give this guy a listen!

Keith@Indieheaven says:

Your new music sounds very good!
Great job!
Keith Mohr

Christy, Elijah and the Girls says:

We absolutely love your music, message and voice. We just can't get enough of you. We know your ministry will thrive, touching people's souls and encouraging them on their walk with God. Remember, "Jesus lives, God's in control, and it's good to be alive!"

Drew Davidsen

Drew Davidsen says:

Thanks for the kind words my friend. My God bless all your days. I like James Taylor too. I am thinking of adding a version of "Fire and Rian" on my next CD.