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Join Date : 03/30/2006
Membership Tier : basement band
Hometown : Brownsboro, AL
Country : United States of America

Genres : Adult Contemporary / Songwriter

Sounds Like :

Influences : Hymns of the church, my mom, Rich Mullins, Nicole Nordeman, and many others!

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mario whitman says:

Hello Mrs. Diane Miller how are you you may remember me when you see me but i had know idea that you were a artist. when you get this message let me know

Hannah Beals says:

HI Ms. Diane!! I always love your songs!!! Keep up the good work.

Joni Atkins says:

Hi Diane!! I hope all is going wonderfully with your nomination!! I absolutely love "Not Just Words". I love your other songs too but I just especially enjoy that one. My second, but very close second, is "Make the Sun Stand Still". God has blessed with you with beautiful talents and I know He's proud You are using them to bring Him glory!! Luvya, hope I see you SOON!!

W. Lowery Riethmaier says:

I love you music! I hope you get my vote. I think I did it right. I clicked on the stars. I gave you five. Let me know, would you?

Patti Hunyadi says:

Diane- You have much talent. Here I was in school with you for 12 years and wasn"t aware of this talent of yours!!I could only hear parts of your song, because of my poor internet connection,so when you get your CD finished, I would certainly be interested. Your song has a great message for many.

Joni Atkins says:

I couldn't get your song to play, probably my dial-up or something, but...I've heard you sing many, many, many times, as you have me :) and you have a wonderful, beautiful voice! Remember...beyond what we can think or imagine!!! and Jer.29:11

Kim D. says:

Mrs. Miller! This is the coolest song ever. I always get it stuck in my head... but thats totally a good thing! Well, have a good summer! I love you!

Catherine O. says:

Your voice is awesome!!! I let my mom hear it today and she loves it!!! She said that you have a GREAT voice and to go along with that you gave a GREAT message in the song...

Charlene Wilson says:

Oh my gosh!!!!!! Mrs. Miller! I knew you said you sang but I didn't have any clue that you were awesome and great, fantastic at it!! I thought you were just my english/Bible teacher! Oh man!! That is so fantastic!!! I love that song too! Man! I love you!! -Charlene

Sam Newsum says:

Great Song! Keep on writing.

Tori Gay says:

Hey, Diane! Welcome to Indieheaven :) It was great to meet you, too - and at such an awesome event! I wish you could've been there Sunday, it was a great way to end the weekend.

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Great having you with us Diane. I wish you all the very best!