Mickey Rose & StrongholdLATEST STATUS: Retired and loving it :)

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Join Date : 01/25/2007
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Zuni, VA
Country : United States of America

Genres : Contemporary / Rock

Sounds Like : Mickey Rose

Influences : Secular influences: Neil Young, America, Eagles, Eric Clapton, The Doobie Brothers, Lynard Skynard, Queensryche, Dokken, Scorpions and Most all of the 80's Hair bands. Christian influences: Casting Crowns, Lincoln Brewster, Petra, Mylon LeFever, Bloodgoo

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amy brown says:

Love Stronghold. Rock on for God!

Richard Speirs says:

Running from God - great message and how true even as a strong christian I find myself running from God. May God continue using you to share His message through music.

Joni Prinjinski says:

Loved the message in Running from God as well as the music and treatment. Is that the excellent preaching of David Hocking in the background?

PJ MCCOY says:

WOW! STOP RUNNING FROM GOD! Thats a great song keep up the good work guys,

Sabba/Pastor Mike says:

Try to listen to all of fanfaves and vote picked you random love the message.

Anne Beale says:

I have been blessed. The gospel message comes through strong and clear! Jesus Christ is exalted and the way to know Him is opened through your music... I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with you both in this new season. Thank you for being so willing to give your gifts to the body of Christ. May God Bless! Anne Beale

David & Diane Barlow says:

Mickey & Ann we love your music. We listen to it when exercising or cleaning. Your Voices, Words & Music are a blessing to us. We Love Ya'll....Your Friends In Christ......David & Diane Barlow

David Persons says:

Excellent music ! This is one of the best indie albums I have heard in a long time. Takes me back, and at the same time fills me up. Excellent....

Paisley's Prints says:

It sounds great; good to see you guys on here; we are adding you to our top 10. Keep rocking for Jesus!

(Barry) Chandler Home Improvements says:

break this heart of stone is a prayer & checkup for all of us that live in the valley. It`s a call to the mountain top. thanks guys

Sonya Hall says:

Awesome and inspiring!! God has blessed you with amazing talent!

marykaye matthews says:

Your message will touch people in the kingdom of God.Keep up the good work. He will bless your anointed ministry.

Crista Havar says:

Wow! Great message!

Matt Snyder says:

You know you all ROCK! Keep the great music comin'!

Bob Pihlcrantz says:

Great music and message.

Barry Chandler says:

nuttin but da truth! thanks 4 d blessin

Diane Barlow says:

Cool Song Love the upbeat positive feeling I get listening to it. God Bless this "Special Music"

renee thomas says:


Jack Meservey says:

I thoroughly enjoy your musice and I can feel Jesus in your music