The WilbanksLATEST STATUS: Enjoying the beautiful Spring weather in Asheboro, NC with our good friends, David & Stephanie Hutton.

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Join Date : 04/19/2006
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Pearland (Houston), TX
Country : United States of America

Genres : Adult Contemporary / Inspirational

Sounds Like : You decide!

Influences : Jazz, Gospel, Blues

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robert kammerdiener says:

when i was in brazil indiana you all sung a song i think it was called Jesus is his name. it went like : he is the father, he is the son, he is the holy ghost and all three are one, and Jesus is his name . i recently met with you here in pensacola fla and many friends i have have not herd this song yet, i have no mp 3 player and i was woondering how i could get a copy of this song .i once bought the cassett but long lost sence then . that was in 1990's

Erica Colegrove Ayala says:

AWESOME!!!! No words can ever describe ya'll music! Its way beyond....Jesus is truly and has always been your King! Have great memories & love ya'll! - Erica

Cynthia Greenly says:


Debbie Kinner says:

WOW!! AWESOME!! God has even GREATER things in store for you GREAT folks! God Bless.

Sean Ownsby says:

The Lord has truly blessed you all since day one at Sout Flint Tabernacle. I have not been to church in many years and I still cry and am very touched when I hear your music. God bless you all and keep it up!

Mark Welch, President - StudioFox 44 says:

In my opinion, The Wilbanks are one of the best gospel groups available today. Their lyrics are anointed... the music is riveting. Without question, Song of Thanksgiving should be Grammy nominated... it's that good. Buy the "He Reigns" CD. I assure you... you will be most pleased.

Michelle Talbert says:

I loved the concert that you all performed at our church this evening ANLC in White Plains. Very powerful and touching...look forward to seeing you back again

ray chanler says:

would like to know your schedule for 2010 and what you need to be paid

Virgil Kane says:

put us on your mailing list-thank you! Virgil and Danette /p.o.box3686 north fort myers,fl. 33918 our e-mail: barebackmusic@aol.com

Virgil Kane(Tom Franks) Virgil is my recording name says:

website is beautiful and your music is awesome-been so many years since i've even seen either of you! Se my brother Terry Franks and Terry wilbanks once in a while @ More Life Tabernacle! We've put out a couple of disc's but we sure appreciate your work for the Lord! Stay in Touch! If you ever get too southwest Florida -look us up! Ph.#239-826-4585!

Faye Williams says:

I am just trying to figure out if this is the group that sings I've got the Joy of the Lord down in my soul, and I can't Live without You????

Becky Wright

Becky Wright says:

LOVE the music, the obvious ANOINTING of God upon your lives! So glad to have you here at Indie Heaven, for such a time as this! Your sister in Oklahoma, Becky Wright

Daniel Klahr says:

I really enjoy your music ! You all are fantastic. I want to say also that I attend First Pentecostal in Colllinsville, Oklahoma . My Pastor is Rev. Don Martin.

Rana Oglethorpe says:

You guys are so "AWESOME" I love you all very much. And cannot wait to sing at least 2 songs for you the next time you come to our church.
And it was good to see you again this last time that you were in town at Hope Tabernacle in Montgomery. Who knows maybe one day with all these voice lessons that I am having that I will be another Monica. Ha ha. In my dreams.

Eddie Legg says:

I spoke in tongues and got the Holy Ghost while listening to Psalm 23, and Sweet Rose Of Sharon!! The anointing falls on me everytime I hear those songs, and I cry my heart out and speak in tongues. Monica, Your vocals are so anointed and so powerful!! Yall are by far the most awesome, and anointed gospel group on the planet, and I listen to you all the time. May Jesus continue to pour out His anointing on yall, cause I know in my heart that the Wilbanks have won many souls to the Kingdom of Heaven. Thank you so much for your songs, and I would love to get yall to sing in our church. God Bless you all, Eddie

Rhonda Callahan says:

I love the Wilbanks. Their music lifts my spirit and they bring out the true of God's promises through their music Lyrics. My prayer is that their music would be played on public radio across the country. People have no idea what they are missing until they hear their anointed tunes. God Bless you and I pray that you will continue to touch lives with your anointed lyric and melody. Rhonda Callahan

Rana Oglethorpe says:

God is awesome! He is blessing this family in so many ways. There is nobody like our God. He is my best friend and He is all I need. God is my world!

rebecca says:

omg i love yall so much. thanks 4 visiting The First Church Of Fort Worth, with Pastor Burkett. ive seen yall twice now and yall r truly blessed in singing and ur lives. visit againg soon. oh and i LOVE monica beautiful voice and person. i still get shy trying to talk to her. love yall love rebecca

Elle Keck says:

hey i love your song In Your Name! We want to sing that song in my church and I was wondering if you could put up the lyrics to it or email me! Thanks and God Bless

Kevin jeffrey Dorongon says:

Wow! You have a Wonderful Music! Keep it up and may Jesus bless u more! I love the harmony, blending, music and your passion in singing!