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  Isa Agape

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Join Date : 02/20/2007
Membership Tier : basement band
Hometown : Kerrville, TX
Country : United States of America

Genres : Songwriter / Rock

Sounds Like :

Influences :

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anita ferrer

anita ferrer says:

how wonderful to meet you and see you on the front page of Indie heaven. That is beautiful, that gentle, soothing vibe you have. very LOVELY. God bless you, you gentle spirit:) I definately want to get your CD.

Mike Westendorf

Mike Westendorf says:

Beautiful sound Isa, very easy to listen to and very pure musically. Blessings in your ministry to God's glory!


matthew clark says:

Isa, a friend of mine from Asbury Seminary gave me your "Raw Sessions" Cd maybe a year ago. I have really enjoyed it, especially "Testify" and "Safe Place" and "Beautiful". thanks, matthew

Ed Nilsen

Ed Nilsen says:

Love the sentiment behind the songs. Love the voice.

Gabriel says:

Love your voice... You are truly gifted. will keep you in prayer.


Frank Berry says:

Hi Isa,

Just wanted to say hello and I really love your music. It's very fulfilling. Did you attend IHOP in Kansas?

Living out of the voice of God!
Frank Berry

chris lucas

chris lucas says:

Just dropped in again to have my feet washed - i feel clean all over now. IN THE WAITING just stops my world .... Just saying.

chris lucas

chris lucas says:

"I sing for only YOU" ...... But you're singing for me, too. Your music cuts through a lotta stuff.

Beka says:

Hey! I know of you through IHOP and Onething events and my friend Andrew Jones would always be playing your music when I was at his house! You are amazing and I pray that the Lord blesses you even more!!!

Have a great day!!


Wendy Jepsen

Wendy Jepsen says:

Isa, it's so good to have you here on IH! God bless you and may you keep the flame of passion alive!
:) Wendy

Captain Richie says:

These songs are wonderful.

Mindy Boyd says:

Isa, the Lord is using your music to touch me at the core of being today. I've needed to hear this. Thank you for being faithful and creating such powerful music. You are a blessing.

Manny deMelo says:

Anointed Anointed and shall I say again Anointed. God bless you in your ministry... the Holy Spirit is definitely present through your music. Keep on going for Jesus! Blessings.

Brandi Castillo says:

Just ran across your stuff on IH and love it! I will definitely be adding you to my daily "listen to" list. You have a great gift - the caliber of worldly professionals - I'm just thrilled to see you using it for the Lord and I can only pray that you keep it true to the One who gave it to you!
God bless...and if you ever come to Savannah I want to know :-)

Al Mahan says:

Isa, whoa, what a voice! Hey, I love that "Crazy" song. You know, I that voice almost lulled me to sleep (so soothing) when you started those jamming guitars. Soothing & moving. Keep up the good work for Christ.

Eric Lemon (RVN Band) says:

Isa, Your music is great. Keep up the good work.

Laura Principato says:

Sounds great, Isa. God bless your music ministry!

Mark Coker says:

Amazing!!!!!! Fantastic voice. Amazing songs!

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Wonderful having you with us on Indieheaven! I wish you the very best in your music mission!
Keith Mohr