Kerri CrockerLATEST STATUS: expectant! filled! grateful! singing alot and digging into the Word even more.

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Join Date : 02/20/2006
Membership Tier : weekend warrior
Hometown : Texarkana, TX
Country : USA

Genres : Contemporary / Songwriter

Sounds Like :

Influences : Amy Grant, Rich Mullins, Dallas Holm, Nichole Nordeman

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khaliah says:

hey kerri ! I heard you when you came and performed at my church in Tyler Texas ( Crossbrand Cowboy Church) I have been a fan ever since!!! your newest CD never leaves my player!! I always play it -to help me get up in the morning, when Im in the shower or getting ready for a girls night out!!-- you have a great voice and you are the perfect young christian artsit for both young and teen girls who are dealing with everyday life in and out of school while trying to live by the word--- you inspire me and your music keeps me strong!!! I love your songs!!! they make me rejoice in Jesus name with rhythms I am used to and can have fun with today :) keep on writing!!! God Bless you and you gift!!

Greg Dahl says:

Nice production! I pray that God give you a larger audience to minister to. Keep spreading the love.

Cynthia Miller says:

Hi Kerri,

it's been a while... hope all is well. Are you going to the 09 Summit...

Ashlynn Kegley says:

I really LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the song you wrote........Echoes!!!
It has such a meaningful message to me!!!
I love you Kerri!!!!

Cortney Meyer says:

I just thought that I would stop by and leave you a comment. I love you and your music girl it is truly great being in a family with you. I love you again and you never know maybe you will come sing at my new church one day in College Station. So from the proudest member of the Texas A&M class of 2012 AAAAAAAAAAAA...Keep playing that wonderful music and lifting that beautiful voice to God.

Love Always,

Tommy Graham says:

Great voice!!! Love to have the chords and lyrics for "Running After You". Would you mind if we included it in our service?

Don M. King says:

You have amazing talent! You're my favorite IH member now. I'm new to IH. I really liked "Flower." I actually got to meet and talk with Nichole Nordeman the year she won the GMA Songwriting Contest. I won my category the previous year and was allowed to attend free of charge. Best of luck!
Don M.

Don M. King says:

WOW! You are now currently my favorite indie artist on IH! Thanks for the blessings of all your music! If you have the time, check out some of my music on shoutlife.com or ourstage.com. Don M. King (songwriter) I'm mainly a writer. Now I'm going to go buy some of your mp3's. I love your voice and sound. It reminds me a lot of Jill Phiilps or Sara Groves. "Flower" is my favorite, but I like all of them! This one sounds a whole lot like Nichole Nordeman. By the way, the year after I won my category in the GMA songwriting contest, Nichole won the whole thing. I won a free ride to the conference that year and got to meet and talk with her after she won. She sang the song "Why." The entire crowd was in tears and amazed by her talent. YOU have that kind of talent too! In His Love, Don M.

freethegospel.org says:

Hi, ms. Kerri, I'm not sure If I had already sent a previous message. Not to bother you, we're just truly amazed at your music. We'd like to feature you at our website, freethegospel.org. It's an online gospel music magazine. It would be an honor if you'll allow us to feature you there. It would be a great inspiration to our visitors here in the Philippines and in Asia. God bless your ministry!

senior editor, freethegospel.org


Gabriel says:



steve parsons

steve parsons says:

Hi Kerri
Just listening to some of your music.
Great stuff.
Really like the production.
Come and play in the UK sometime.


i added MOVE to kbcu currents
your cd is awesome. hope youre singing away these songs

Lu says:

You are awesome my friend kerri
love you!

Becky Carey

Becky Carey says:

I love your music Kerri. Fantastic song writing, production and vocals. Who produced it for you? By the way, you did a great job during your performance of "Brand New" at the Summit.

It was so wonderful to meet you at the Summit. Made me wish we lived closer together. Perhaps one day you and Shelley can come to Florida and I can come to Texas. With God all things are possible. Right? Let's pray about it...if you are interested of course. Let me tell you, as I listen to your music while writing this, I am so inspired to dig in and work on my songwriting. Thanks for the blessings that are you. Love and blessings always! Becky


Della says:

Kerri, loved meeting you at the Summit. I so appreciate your ministry. I was worshipping during your song, --what a miracle to rejoice in! You have great things to say and sing--may He continue to pour His anointing all over you! I so appreciate your sweet words to me as well--I needed to hear that! Rock on and shine on!!!

Becky Hervey says:

A true anointing from God on Kerrie Crocker's song Brand New!

Jaime Thietten says:

Hey Kerri,
Congrats on the new CD. Sounds like things are going great for you. Stay encouraged. God is AMAZING!

Jaime :)

karen fisher

karen fisher says:

Hey...I love the new song you added. Beautiful melody and words. :)

David Price says:

Beautiful voice! Thank you!

karen fisher says:

Hey, Kerri...
Don't know if you remember me, but we emailed a few times. Just thought I'd let you know I decided to join. ;> Having fun so far!