Joe RiversLATEST STATUS: Back home safe and sound from another Mardi Gras

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Join Date : 06/07/2003
Membership Tier : touring pro
Hometown : Springfield, OH
Country : United States of America

Genres : Blues / Folk

Sounds Like : A mix of blues, southern rock, and folk.

Influences : Musical: Barry McGuire, Larry Norman, various blues artists
Life: Charlie Houston, Fred Bishop, Darrell Hibbs

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Vanessa Jackson says:

Thanks for the welcome Joe. Good to meet you. I enjoyed your songs.

Tom Boehmer

Tom Boehmer says:


Thanks for the welcome message . . . not terribly different I suspect. I have just listened to your tunes. Good stuff . . . I like the shadow song. I suspect we all spend too much time there

laura mcmillan says:

Thank you so much for your comment, Joe. Very nice to meet you! I will now listen to your music, but I wanted to thank you for being so kind to me first. I hope you take care. Best Wishes, Laura McMillan

anita ivete ferrer

anita ivete ferrer says:

this is the first time I ever visited your site! You've got some great songs. I'm not a blues person, because most of the blues singers don't have good voices, but I REALLY like your stuff. Your voice sounds good, too and nice harmonies on "backslidin on Bourbon Street! VERY GOOD STUFF. Keep up the great work.

Lisa Fenstermacher says:

Hi Joe,
Thank you for welcoming me to IndieHeaven. Love your song "Backslidin on Bourbon Street." Reminiscent vocally to Bob Weir. Great voice! Great vibe! I liked your quotes. Alot of truth.

Change of Heart Band says:

What a BLAST to meet you at the Summit in Nashville. Keep on Rockin' It for Jesus! God bless you and your music Joe.

Franki from Purpose says:

Need mo blues bro...keep it comin..as Larry Norman Said"There's nothing wrong with playin blues licks all I'm really tryin to say is why should the devil have all the good music...I can relate.. Check out Purpose and be a friend. I have 3 new songs you'd love on www.myspace.com/theoriginalpurpose also. Let me know what you think Bro. See you at the top of the chart!!

Art Casci says:

this is Pastor Casci. Your wife told me about this web site and I found you. We have to get together.

Art Casci


joe--enjioyed meeting you in nashville.

keep up the great work for the LORD

dave pettigrew

dave pettigrew says:


great to meet you at the summit. enjoy the rest of the time here....

talk soon,

scott riggan

scott riggan says:

Hey Joe, I love your sense of humor in your songs. I've never been able to pull off that kind of stuff ... but it's a great fit with the music you do. Keep up the great work... :-)
Grace, peace and good vibes,

Douglas Rachele says:

Sounds Great!!!!!Halleluiah!

Dennis Gaudette says:

Wish I had your music talent. Dennis

Julie Gaudette says:

Joe, I enjoy your music immensely.............What talent!!!!Julie Gaudette

Janelle Ross

Janelle Ross says:

I was going to leave a long comment but I got the lazy man blues and couldn't go on. LOL Thanks for making me feel welcome!

Janelle Ross

Geoff Ziegler

Geoff Ziegler says:

It was great to see you and your wife again ... I really liked your new (to me) songs, and enjoyed doing the worship together!

Hi Joe says:

Hi Joe,
I really liked your nephew's video of the living word. Thanks so much for coming to the concert tonight at Un Mundo. It was great to meet you and your wife. May God's blessings be upon you.
In Christ,
Rick James

Monica McCain says:

Wow! Thats really good. M akes me miss the times we had in Praise and Worship in Turkey!

caleb tucker says:

good job uncle joe

Terri Shamar says:

I rarely hear christian blues! You would be great where I live. It\\\'s a total blues town! They need your voice! God bless you!