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  MyKey K

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Join Date : 12/25/2004
Membership Tier : basement band
Hometown : Grand Rapids, MI
Country : United States of America

Genres : Gospel / Boogie-Woogie

Sounds Like : FIRE A WAY Sounds Kinda LiKe MyKey K... Bu† Feels Like Gospel RocKin' Boogie & Good News Blues...

Influences : A foReaLive original with JESUS CHRIS† Leading ALL †HE WAY!!! <: ))>< IXOYE

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Laura Larkins says:

Love that swing in Pentatonic Slide, and very much bluesy fun in River of Life! Sweet harmonica in Sailing reminiscent of Bojangles. Just when I was about to ask if you do ragtime, I hit Ragz. Great stuff. Are you in N'Orleans? I could just see you theeeeeeeeerr. Thanks, MyKee, Your style is busting out all over! Makes me happy.

stacy ries honeybutt says:

hi michael, i am so impressed with your wonderful talent and inspirational music, this is stacylynn - we met last summer and i have been trying to reach you again - i had lost your phone number and would love it if you would contact me at 616-826-7648-please. thank you.

stacy lynn ries says:

you are an exceptional pianist and i love your music! stacylynn

Your Pianist Neighbor says:

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! You have a talent that is simply a gift from God!!!! I could only DREAM of playing the way you do!
Well done, neighbor, well done!!!!!

Stacey says:

Hello Mike, I heard you music and it was realllllly good! I'm that subway girl! I'm glad I met you! If you were serious then ready! well thank you again!

Dave from AMS says:

It was a pleasure speaking with you last night MyKey. I am enjoying your music as I get ready for work. Hopefully sometime your travels will bring you through Minnesota.

Dave From AMS

morgan.swenson says:

hey thanks for talking to me on phone dog your story really made me think brother, cant wait to jam with you

Karen Creel

Karen Creel says:

Hey. Just thinking about you today and wanted to see how you were doing.

Nancy Z says:

Hey Mike, told ya Id check out your site! Awesome piano playing!! Nice seeing ya again!

DR Bluz dave pegowski says:

where you been my brother? been sending mails, stopped by and no answers! you alright?

Michelle says:

You still inspire me to be faithful, even though I fall all of the time. Miss you. God has made me well! M2M

LAILI says:

hi mr. piano... this is laili from walgreens, las vegas, glad i found your nice website, thank you, have a nice day!!!

Courtney Hedum says:

I'm impressed :)
You're a very blessed guy.
Keep on living for the Lord.

It was nice meeting you last weekend up at my Uncle Ray's place :)

Lance Burton & Co. says:

Magical hands burning super HOT firery fingers. . . Cheers MyKey K!!!

larry schuitema says:

love yoursite andyourtestimony is encoraging greatmusic brother ienjoyed meting you at frenz, thankyou keep loking up

Drew Davidsen

Drew Davidsen says:

Cooking bro! That's all I can say! Have an awesome day!

James M Bain says:

My Key K:
Thank you for visiting my site and your comments. I am enjoying your music right now. Very nice. Lots of energy. Keep up Gods work. You are and encouragement.

James M Bain

anita ferrer

anita ferrer says:

hey mykey,
your page wants to make me put on my boogie woogie, JESUS shoes....!
thanks so much for your kind words...are you a minister also...very powerful passsion...i saw your cool insignia on other IH members pages....what made you come up with such a unique message???also, that phogrpah on teh front page,,,didi you do that with a program. it's very interesting i'm a photogropher and am curious...it's so nice to meet you:)

Chris Carder

Chris Carder says:

Wow! Your music matches the profile picture of the bon-fire behind you. Wow! Rock for the ROCK, brother!

chris lucas

chris lucas says:

Hey - I saw your pic up on the Featured Artist, so I came over to steal your piano bench - Shoot - you've already kicked it half way across the room, bro!! FLAME ON FOR THEE KING!!