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Brand spankin new and written in June of 08, this song is for the church to sing in congregational worship. Sometimes focusing on Christ in a daily fashion can get lost in all the signs of His return we are seeing here on the Earth right now. Continue to allow Him to be the center. It will ALL work out if we will stay open to His Spirit and just listen! Give us ears Lord!!

My close friend Christian Hinkle who plays trumpet in our praise team at church, and in the Army Band here in the metro DC area played all the horn parts on this new song, and "I Lift Up My Praise" as well. Thanks bro!!

He continues to flow new music and ideas through me. God has opened up some space here for me to do some more writing. Stay tuned. I know there will be much more coming!

posted by Steve Price on 07/07/2008

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I have finished production of 2 new songs. First is a classic rock/retro sounding tune called "It's Only Love", inspired by the difference in a Godly world view, and a secular world view. I almost always see things as positive. The glass is definitely half full! Even in tragedy, we have an oppertunity to cry with the grieving and encourage the rest! God uses us to bring His Hope! What a great job!

The second is "I Lift Up My Praise" and has a blues/jazz feel with a little Latin in it. I have written this one for the body in congregational worship. Not sure if they're ready for it yet, but here it comes!

God continues to pour down His inspiration on me. These MUST be the last days cause it sure is coming down fast!! Keep a eye on FanFaves for one of these songs. I will be posting one this Monday 2/11/08, as "Incredible Love" made it to #6 on FanFaves in 30 days and Sunday is the 30th day. Thanks everyone for your votes of confidence!! I couldn't do it without you! God's best blessings to you all!


posted by Steve Price on 02/09/2008

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You can see Steve most any Sunday at Jubilee Christian Center in Fairfax Virginia where he serves as Music Director.

posted by Steve Price on 08/07/2007