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Where's Bill Been?

Well, I've had a few "Halo Heads" note I've been a bit off the radar lately and that the calendar page (http://billmallia.com/live.htm) is looking a little lean compared to normal. I'll admit it, this past winter I've been a slightly preoccupied.

A Star On The Aloha Shirt

Most independent Christian music artists don't eat and pay bills purely on the dollars garnered from their ministry. That's also the case with me. As you may know, for the past 29 years I've been involved in promoting resorts, cruise lines, airlines and the like to travel agents. The Caribbean has been my main focus and after over 250 trips down to the "little latitudes", like a good barbecue rub those experiences have managed to influence the music I write and sing. However, I'm nothing without my personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, which is why you'll find my Master at the core of every song I toss out to those wiling to listen.

But I digress, back to the "Where's Bill Been" thang' - after all of these years in the travel industry, I'm being recreated in a vocation I never would have guessed. Last September I was sponsored into the Massachusetts Police Academy by the Plymouth County Sheriff's Department - all this at 51 years old! Who can ever guess where God will lead us? I've always said, if you serve Christ, never expect your age related chronology to throw you clues about your path!

Getting The Christian Beach Party Started...Again

My biggest wish is that I'd recorded more of my unique music. But even after 8 years, "Christian beach music" appears to be a dish served live and not on recorded file. To that extent, let me know if you feel led to get some happy, feel-good, sunshiny "tropical/folk/rock" music with overtly Christian lyrics in front of those you associate with. Just give me a shout via http://billmallia.com/book_now.htm.

Stay blessed!
Bill Mallia
Christian Beach Music Singer & Song Writer
Official Homepage: www.BillMallia.com
(508) 747-4449

posted by Left Shore on 04/10/2013

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JUST ADDED -> " COMMUNITY UMC BEACH PARTY ", Butner, North Carolina, Aug 17th, 2013

posted by Left Shore on 04/10/2013