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Baltimore, MD, January 8th, 2008, the leading organization supporting independent artists in Christian music, is pleased to announce that Harry Offutt has been nominated as "Male Vocalist Of The Year," Acoustic Artist Of The Year," and for "Song Of The Year Happy Ending" in the 3rd annual "Momentum Awards". These prestigious awards will be handed out at the upcoming IndieHeaven CIA Summit 2008 conference March 29, 2008. IndieHeaven founder and CIA Summit director Keith Mohr states, "It's important to recognize and applaud the efforts made in recent years by artists who are independent. By providing them the recognition they have earned, we hope to increase their platform and awareness. There are many independent artists who are doing an incredible job with their music and most importantly their mission. We look forward to the awards being a part of our annual artist's conference." Visit for more information about the Christian Independent Alliance Summit.

Check out the story here online!
Voting goes on till the end of January, so PLEASE take a minute and go vote. You can vote as often as you like. More importantly, if you can, please share this good news with friends and family that can help me secure a top 5 nomination by voting for me at:
Just go to the correct categories and pick my name from the list.
"Male Vocalist Of The Year," Acoustic Artist Of The Year,"
and for "Song Of The Year Happy Ending"
I am also voting for Belinda Jane for Female Vocalist and Drew Davidsen for Instrumental Artist and Jazz Artist! Drew was recently named by WSMJ 104.3 as one of Baltimore's Best Kept Secrets!

posted by Harry Offutt on 01/27/2008

The Christmas Story ... A KBCU Extra (Almost) Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I was invited by Rockin Ron to read the Christmas Story from Scripture last night on the air at 11PM central as part of the KBCU Saturday night Christas party.

I got ahold of Drew Davidsen and asked if he'd help me do a little more than just read it over my cell phone. We spent 3 hours Tuesday evening capturing somethng Special for Ron as a thank you for all of the support he sends our way... I sent it priority mail, early in the week and .... he didn't get it. To top it all off, I got very Ill Friday night and am still under the weather from a nasty stomach bug. So I called in earlier on Ron's show last night to participate in the party, but the later it got, the worse I felt...

Ron ended up reading the story instead of me.

I wanted to share the reason for the season and want to publically thank Drew Davidsen for giving up an evening to help me, and Ron for giving me the inspiration to record this. I hope it lights your spirit, and reminds you of the true meaning of the season.

You can find it under Christmas on My Indieheaven Page for the next two weeks.

Please listen to Mary's Song after the Christmas Story, found on my Happy Ending Album further down the page!

God Bless you as you enjoy the holidays and rermember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Feliz Navidad


posted by Harry Offutt on 12/23/2007

Happy Christmas, Happy Ending Special!!! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

For the month of December I have reduced the price of Happy Ending to $8.00

If you were waiting for the price to drop, or just need that little bit of push to help you make the decision to buy, well here's that extra help!

If you'd like it to arrive in time for the Christmas tree, make sure you order soon!

Thanks to Sean Smith who once again inspired me by first offering his great CD Real at a REAL STEAL price for Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

posted by Harry on 12/01/2007

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I have 2 incredible shows that I have been invited to take part in this Fall!

October 25, I will be both hosting and joining Mitch McVicker in a show at Ebenezer UMC, Fallston,MD.

Mitch is touring for several months and asked me if he could make a stop in MD. He also invited me to open for him. I am truly honored. Since Mitch is a Dove-Award winning songwriter, the plan is to start the evening with a special ticketed songwriters event allowing an intimate group of songwriters and fans to interact with Mitch in a close setting, exploring his thoughts and journey as a songwriter.

I am working on a show with Belinda Jane, who has invited me along with Sean Smith and Drew Davidsen to an indieheaven showcase.

We are still working out the particulars, but it is shaping up to be a memorable event with the potential for many memorable moments!

posted by Harry Offutt on 09/11/2007

2007 So Far Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I continue to host and plan events featuring many indieheaven artists.

Here's a recap for 2007 so far:
March 18 - Drew Davidsen shared praise and Worship at Ebenezer UMC, and then shared Smooth Jazz during Lunch.
April 14 - I hosted a Writers in the round that showcased the talents and heart of Drew Davidsen, and other area Songwriters, including Karen Chroniser, Lisa Fenstermacher, and Jeremy Sorensen of the band Unsearchable Riches.
April 22 - Christopher Ames shared his music in worship and shared music at a special lunchean.
May 6 - Sean Smith and Brad Reynolds at Ebeneser UMC morning & Fallston UMC that Evening.
July 7 - Indieheaven Showcase sponsored by WRBS at RiverValley Ranch featuring Brad Reynolds, Drew Davidsen, Jessica Mclean, and Beth Champion Mason

I attended the annual CIA Summit end of March in Franklin, TN. Check out my blog on the Summit

posted by Harry Offutt on 09/11/2007

News from 2006 Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

12-07-2006 - I was honored with 3 nominations for the 2006/2007 IndieHeaven CIA Momentum Awards I was nominated for Acoustic Artist, Contemporary Artist, and Album of the Year (Happy Ending)!

10-28-2006 - Happy Ending peaked at #5 on KBCU, Rockin Ron's top 10@10.
It finished its run on the IndieHeaven radio chart peaking at #7! I appreciate all of the support I have received through your votes and emails!

9-26-2006 - Happy Ending released on Tuesday, September 26th!

It is co-produced by Harry and long time indie artist Mark Cable.
It is an expression of community and cooporation, featuring Bob Brown on Bass, Scott Shindledecker on Drums and Percussion. Aside from harry, other guitarists include Mark Cable, IndieHeaven Artist Drew Davidsen, Rick Pierpont, and the legendary Phil Keaggy who contributes both electric guitar and background vocals.

posted by Harry Offutt on 09/11/2007