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Maggie has the following to say:

"This is the reason I get up in the morning-to bring much needed help to these communities, who--without the help of others, would surely die from starvation and lack of clean water.

World Vision has done an awesome job of providing a way for us to save entire nations from devastation through support, but all of that is for naught if the environmentally generated food shortage is not addresses. You can educate and empower children all day long, but if they are starving--all the good productive work gets annihilated, as does the progress we have all worked so hard for.

This is a new thing-a brand new threat that can potentially impair and destroy the countries that are trying so very hard to correct that which impedes them and their culture.

It's a simple thing we are asking-a small thing that if truly, we lived out Christ tangibly, we could accomplish. Simply adding 10$ a month to your sponsorship, (or sending 10$ if you don't sponsor) can provide a baby with about 10 days worth of super food, that is protein, brain-growth sustaining foods. Right now in the world, babies are not growing after they come out of the womb because of the lack of food. Their brains are sustaining damage--entire generations are being impeded by this crisis.

I personally, am not giving out of my excess to World Vision or this hunger crisis. It's a tough time for all of us out there--me included. I am giving out of my lack.

Ten percent of every all profit revenue that comes in on my new record Air is going directly to this global food crisis. Believe me, I could use tht money--but that is not love--not Christ's love anyway.

I know if people watch the short video, they will act. If they watch the long one with CeCe and I, they will act and be educated on a crisis that is stealing people left and right--a crisis that threatens all the good work that has been done to stabilize lives in other hurting countries.

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posted by mb on 09/17/2008