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Thank you Dean for letting me use your wonderful song! " OUR SACRIFICE " .When you check out Deans INDIEHEAVEN site ( DEAN CAUDILL / WAILING WALL MUSIC MINISTRRY ) be sure to read the BIO , NEWS and BLOG sections. His posts are definitly worth checking out. .

posted by John Lang on 08/12/2009

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I am currently trying to get permission from the original artists to post some of the music I've added horn parts to. If you have music you don't mind me adding something to I would refer listeners back to you as the originator and only use it on this site as a sample of what I do. If you are an indieheaven artist I may have already added a horn part to your music since I use it to practice with frequently, some of it turns out awesome and some of it I just don't do well with, I find out as I am attempting it. Contact me at 206-795-9497. If I am around loud machinery or on my motorcycle I may not hear it ring so be sure to leave a message. Or email;

posted by John Lang Sr. on 05/24/2009