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God Shows Himself Strong in Guatemala
As printed by the Good News newspaper, February 2011
It was another great trip, and my first time in Guatemala. I flew in on Saturday, Jan 29 to Guatemala City and was met by my good friend/interpreter/preacher/evangelist Donald Molina who came up all the way from Nicaragua, and Pastora/National Coordinator Maria Adilia Guadumuz Nozaldy from Guatamala, and a local pastor at whose church I preached shortly after arrival. Maria had lined up 17 services in 16 days, together with 4 interviews/messages at 3 different radio stations.
God showed Himself strong in that almost all were healed of every physical problem that they had. There were many churches where all, (100%) were healed. Cancers were healed just as easily as the common types of physical problems such as stomach and female problems, diabetes and arthritis. Deaf ears popped open immediately, and there were a couple of good dental miracles, and one man was completely healed of a hernia who had been scheduled for surgery, all glory to God. Maria videoed some of the testimonies, such as a dental miracle, the hernia, and an eye that was blind for 8 years, and a few others, as well as some of the services. I plan to make DVD's available for free for any pastors that are interested.
We were in Guatemala City for 4 days, and we also went to indigenous (native Indian) villages in the state of Solola where Spanish was not the main language, but they spoke languages such as Quiche or Katchikel (Aztec decendants), or Sutujil, or Man (Mayan decendants). It was a little more difficult to minister in these areas, in that the people were accustomed to weeping and wailing very loudly with their eyes shut during prayer time, and communication was difficult. It was like trying to pour into a glass that is in the process of pouring out. God still showed Himself strong, but the process took longer. It is much easier when the people are quiet and just simply receive that which has already been paid for.
We also went just across the northwest border into southern Mexico to the areas around Cuauhtemoc and Frontera Comalapa in the state of Chiapas. The pastors did not want any American missionaries but they changed their minds when they heard how the Lord had moved with miracles and instant healings, and we spent a whole week there. Most pastors had never even seen an American missionary before. I heard stories of how other American missionaries were killed and eaten by a strange sect that prays to God and Satan at the same time, bowing down to a skull idol, and this was only 170 kilometers away from where I was staying; and I did preach at a church on the fringe of this area where God healed all, and the news quickly spread in the village and more and more people kept coming in to receive healing before the service could finally be closed.
God healed miraculously over the air waves from the radio stations and phone lines as well, and in even greater and quicker manifestations than in the churches.
Everyone was trying to bless me. I had need of nothing. Almost all my expenses were paid, with the exception of my airfare and some miscellaneous bus tickets and gas money, although I blessed some of the pastors.
I came back home on February 14. My contacts there will be scheduling much bigger meetings for my next visit. I thank God for opening all the doors.

I encourage others to believe God's Word. Jesus said "The works that I do shall you do also, and greater works than these, because I go to the Father." This includes multiplying food, translation, and walking on water. Jesus healed all that asked sincerely. Some of us need a fresh revelation of the stripes on the back of Jesus, and how He almost died at the whipping post. The only ones that did not receive their healing in the Bible were the ones that: 1: Did not believe that Jesus was the Christ, and, 2: Were also offended at Him, which includes the people in Jesus' home town. Few people meet both of these conditions. We should have this Biblical mindset in order to see the huge percentages of people get healed.
God is also looking for obedience, which includes the Great Commission. There are many pastors that do not even witness here at home. Acts 1:8 says, "But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me . . ." Jesus not only taught, but demonstrated how to do it. Jesus said to go and declare that the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. He said, "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons." He would not tell us to do something if it was impossible. God will give the increase as you step out. God's increase is less likely to come to the doubters and criticizers. A true disciple remains in the Word, obeys the Word, has fruit that remains, loves his brothers, and is willing to forsake all to fulfill the Great Commission. Honor and respect for the Holy Spirit, as well as for other people, is very important.

posted by Posted by K.S. as published in the Good News on 02/18/2011

Journal of December 2010 Nicaragua Mission Trip Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Another great trip, all praise to Jesus!!! Almost all were healed at every service, with very few exceptions. I thank God for the anointing!!! You can read how I went to Nicaragua with no schedule in advance, with no interpreter, not knowing anybody down there, and unable to find anybody to go with me other than the Holy Spirit, and how God moved through miraculous healing power when I arrived, and how my schedule filled up quickly, and how almost everybody received an instant manifestation of healing at the services as well as other places where I went, all glory to God, and you can read about the trip here, at this website: http://www.thetruthstein.com/Missions.html#anchor_52 Thanks for reading and God bless you, Karl Stein

posted by Karl Stein on 12/26/2010

Janet Lawrence's Testimony of Miracle Healing Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

When Karl came down the first time to the Anna Church of God, I was second in line when he started praying for healing. He asked me, "What would you have the Lord do for you?" I told him I had degenerative spine and arthritis in my knees. Karl asked me if I had pain right then, and I said yes. Karl said, this is a piece of cake, just relax and receive, and he merely told the spirit of infirmity to leave and quoted a scripture in the name of Jesus and I was healed instantly, and the pain was gone. However, I had not mentioned the sciatic nerve problem that I had in the upper back near the neck. There was a big knot there where my brother had hit me with a coke bottle when I was fifteen years old. Karl had heard that I still was suffering from the sciatic nerve problem so he came back the next week during a prayer meeting and approached me while I was on my knees praying. He asked me if he could pray for me, and I said yes and I started to get up, but Karl said that I didn't need to get up, but just to relax for a few seconds. When Karl prayed for me, he spoke to my back telling the condition to leave, and my pain was immediately gone and so was the big knot that had been on my neck for about 38 years. Later, I asked Karl why the sciatic nerve thing was not healed at the same time the arthritis and degenerative spine thing were healed, but Karl said that he did not know for sure either. Karl said that sometimes their whole body gets healed but at other times it seems that they only get what they ask for. Karl said that it seems like the anointing seems to work more from the top downward, and the sciatic nerve near the neck was a higher location than the degenerative spine, which was in the small of the back, and the arthritis in the knees. Karl said that it is possible that if he'd prayed for the sciatic nerve condition first, the rest of my body would have been automatically healed as well. However, Karl said that this is not true all the time, and you can't make any kind of doctrine out of it, but it is just a general observation from his experiences as a healing evangelist."
I'm glad to be pain free in my body, and I've kept my healing. My faith has been stirred, and I feel like the Lord blessed my soul through the experience. JANET LAWRENCE

posted by Janet's testimony as published in the Good News on 12/26/2010

Miracles Break Out @ the Church of God in Anna, IL Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Miracles Break Out at Church of God in Anna, IL
Reverend Clyde Dillman's Testimony
Reverend Clyde Dillman said that there was a wave of miracles at the Church of God in Anna, IL, where Clyde had been filling in as a temporary pastor. Reverend Dillman said that on Wednesday, September 8, everybody in the church had an immediate manifestation of healing, with the exception of maybe one person. One lady was healed in the foot, and there were several healed of arthritis. Deanie Dillman, Clyde's wife, said that she had back pain for a couple of years, but as soon as she walked into the congregation she was healed. Another one of the more notable miracles was Janet Lawrence who was healed of arthritis in the knees and a degenerative condition in the lower spine. Healing evangelist Karl Stein was there praying for people to be healed. "Several days later I called Karl", said Reverend Dillman, "to tell him how good everybody was doing and that Janet was still completely healed, but that Janet did not receive her healing from a sciatic nerve condition, but that her arthritis and degenerative spine condition was healed. Karl told me that Janet had not mentioned anything about the sciatic nerve condition when he prayed for her, but that he would come down to the church again to pray for her a second time. Karl came down the following Tuesday when we were having a prayer meeting, and then Janet got healed from that also. Her sciatic nerve condition was caused when she was a young girl, when her brother had hit her in the back with a coke bottle, and it had left a big knot on her upper back that she has had for years. After Karl prayed for her the second time, the pain was gone and the knot was immediately gone also. Karl also prayed for a couple other ladies that were healed that were not there when Karl was there the week before."
"I had known Karl for a long time," said Pastor Dillman. "I met him back in 1999 at the Community Well in Marion under Donnie Colson. I invited Karl to the Baptist Church in Mulkeytown in 2006 where I was pastoring at the time, and miracles broke out there. In September of this year I happened to see him at a church near Cambria, and asked him to come down to the church at Anna. Karl has an unusual way of praying for people. He would not touch them, but he'd speak to the spirit of infirmity to leave, and then command their body to be healed, all in the name of Jesus. His prayers were short, and he merely spoke in a normal tone of voice. Normally when we pray, we ask the Lord to do it. We asked Karl about this, and Karl said that there is scripture for both ways, but it is a matter of the anointing and relationship with Jesus, and knowing that we were healed by the stripes Jesus took on His back.
"We have had a real refreshing in our church", said Reverend Dillman. "The Holy Spirit has blessed us and we have been having church. We have services on Sunday night at six and Wednesday night at seven, and we have a prayer meeting on Monday night at seven. We are located at 310 Spring Street in Anna, IL."

posted by Clyde Dillman's Testimony as printed in Good News on 12/26/2010

Miracles at Faith Temple, in Carbondale, IL Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I visited this church on August 15, 2010, and this it the article that they had about it in their monthly church newsletter. The article had my picture at the top, which was entitled "BROTHER KARL STEIN" and the title of the article was: "GOD IS A HEALER". The article was also printed in the Good News paper with a different headline which reads, HEALING EVANGELIST SHOWS UP AND SO DOES GOD'S POWER, and that article can be viewed at: http://www.thetruthstein.com/index.html The article reads verbatim as follows:
We had an awesome service Sunday morning, August 15, 2010. Some of our parishioners were healed of aches and pains, arthritis, old injuries and abdominal pains. Many were healed instantly, all praise be to God.
We thank God for healing evangelist, Brother Karl Stein who showed up that day asking to pray for those that needed healing. Brother Stein never touched anybody when he prayed, but merely spoke the word, and was careful to give all the glory and praise to God.
Brother Karl Stein is a missionary to Honduras and Mexico, and has been out of the country about 19 times. When interviewed about this he added, "It was awesome the way that this church received me. It literally brought tears to my eyes, as I felt their respect and love. I felt as if I was in Honduras", added Brother Stein "where I'm used to seeing whole churches get healed on a regular basis. I've agreed to come back to this church for healing services when needed, I encourage people to come and get healed."

posted by written by: FaithTemple secretary, posted by KS on 10/05/2010

March/April 2010 Honduras Trip Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Praise God! As in the last 3 trips, almost everybody received their healings and miracles at every service. Some interesting things also happened when we went to the Sensenti valley, which was deep in witch territory. There was a famous witch that used to live there that had the power to heal people. The presidents from the surrounding countries would consult with this witch. Needless to say, there was much oppression and sickness there and God moved in an unusual way with miracles and instant healings. You can read all about it here: http://www.thetruthstein.com/Missions.html Thanks for reading.

posted by Karl Stein on 04/24/2010

December 09 Honduras Trip: Almost All are Healed Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

In December of 2009 almost all were healed with VERY FEW exceptions, service after service, night after night, including dental problems and vision and eye problems. You can read about it by clicking on the 'Visit Artist Website' link on the left and then by going to the 'December 09 Honduras Trip' link on the 'Missions' page. Also, there are some interesting prophecies on the site by John Paul Jackson that I think you should read, as well as interesting info about signs in the heavens that have happened recently, as well as signs to come, and what these signs mean. The link is: http://www.thetruthstein.com/Economy.html

posted by Karl Stein on 01/20/2010

Many Healed at Annual Minister's Conference Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

This news article was in the Good News monthly paper from July, 2008, concerning the minister's conference in Benton, IL at the Fires of Revival Church with pastor Dean Severin. This article was written by Jim Hefner, GN Board Member of Good New.
Here is a snippet of the article, which reads: "There were reports of many different healings throughout the three-day conference, including foot pain, neck pain, tumors and diabetes. Many were healed through the ministry of Karl Stein of Carterville, Ill., as he questioned people, 'Do you have any pain?' He then prayed for their healing."

posted by Karl Stein, all glory to Jesus, nothing w/out Him on 10/07/2008

Other Miracles Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Other miracles we saw in Honduras not mentioned in the 'Honduras Trip' article include: A deaf and dumb girl that started hearing and spoke a few words. There was also a girl whose legs were twisted and severly pigeon-toed. She was up on the platform later that night walking much better although not perfectly yet, as sometimes bigger miracles take longer to manifest. All glory to Jesus for these awesome miracles, apart from whom we can do NOTHING.
God has blessed me with seeing instant healings where ever I go: the street, gas stations, at work, churches, whatever. On New Year's eve at the Fires of Revival Evangelistic Church in Benton, Ill., there was a woman with one eye that had drifted somewhat to the outside to where she could not focus correctily, and she had been this way for more than two years, and it was affecting her life and job, but with a short 15 second prayer she then received instant healing, as she jumped up & down with joy shouting praises to God and saying, "I can see clearly, I can see clearly!!!" There were many instant healings that night, and almost everybody received their miracle, including the associate pastor. I have been blessed with this anointing, and it is my desire to pray for healing wherever I go. Please let me come to you church or event. Money is not an issue. The music is only a tool to open the doors.
In Honduras it is difficult to find a person that will not let us pray for them. Churches will have services on off nights in order that we can come. Let this openess extend to the United States also. Let the churches in the United States also be open to Jesus, and receive the Kingdom of God in power, in the name of the Christ, Jesus. Amen???

posted by Karl Stein on 06/25/2008

The March/April 2008 trip to Honduras Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The following is from an article that was printed in the "Good News" newspaper in the May issue of 2008.
HONDURAS By GN Staff Reports
A two-week missionary trip by two Southern Illinois preachers into Honduras turned into an awesome supernatural display of God's healing power.
Karl Stein of Carterville, Ill., and Marty Rogers of Murphysboro, Ill., recently returned from Honduras and say they witnessed just a tremendous outpouring of God's power.
"The percentage of people healed was awesome -- about 99 percent," Stein said. "Blinded eyes and deaf ears were opened on a consistent basis."
The miracles occurred during church services, on the street while witnessing to people and in homes.
"People were getting healed of various diseases and infirmities," Stein said. "In the two hotels where we stayed, everybody got healed, and some would take us to their relative's house to pray for healing. You only need one little miracle to get it going, and then everybody wants a healing."
"Healing is the Lord's number one evangelistic tool," Stein continued. "I've asked the 'Big Question', passed out all the tracts and literature, and I've done the clown tricks, and that's all good. but the anointing is what breaks the yoke, regardless of the bondage. Often people receive more than just a healing," he said.
"One evening that sticks out was when we were in the Honduras National Prison in San Pedro Sula on Tuesday, March 25. It was a big meeting, and there were two blind men there. One blind man saw light immediately after a short prayer, and was seeing within an hour. The other blind man had huge white cataracts that covered his whole pruils. I watched as the one on his left eye just shrank to nothing in about three seconds. The other cataract grew smaller. As the man was rejoicing that he could see out of the one eye, Marty prayed for him a second time about 15 minutes later and the other cataract just slid off of his eye."
Stein said the manifestations were usually instant or within a few seconds.
"Arthritic pains, degenerative spine, and scoleosis were all pretty much instant manifestations. There were a lot of women with female problems that were also instantly healed."
Stein said there were about 25 to 40 people per night in a church service that came up for prayer. All were healed, he said.
Stein said he visited Honduras on a missions trip two years ago and saw God do "some awesome things then, but nothing like this."
But Stein believes God is pouring out more of His anointing and power at this time to "set the captives free."

posted by Good News Staff Reports posted by Karl Stein on 06/25/2008

The REAL GOOD NEWS Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

How about the "Good News"? We don't have to take sickness and disease like Job did. We have a mediator that Job never had. My Bible says that satan has been cast down, and Jesus saw satan fall as lightning from heaven to the ground, and now Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father who forever liveth to make intercession for us, and that is a huge difference. Want more? Go to mywebsite and hit the 'Healing Teaching' link.

posted by Karl Stein on 08/07/2007