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August 1, 2008 -- We have been invited by the Seattle Storm WNBA pro basketball team to do worship music at halftime and do a 2 hour worship concert after their game on September 6 at Key Arena. It is as though the red carpet has been rolled out to the church in the Northwest to release the sound of heaven in praise and worship over the city and region, to see a shift in the atmosphere and to extend the love of God to the people of the city. We will be combining the event with a giant "treasure hunt", a form of marketplace evangelism where treasure hunters follow clues given by the Holy Spirit, and they minister to God's treasures in love, mercy and power.

April 14, 2007 -- Double Portion has been selling fast... several hundred in the last couple of months thanks to the Elijah List's ElijahStreams Radio station who has been playing "Holy Spirit You Are Awesome" quite a bit. We're writing new music, asking God for the creativity of heaven, and growing as a band of worshipers eager bring the experience of God's love to people.

October 5, 2006 -- Hey, we have great news! Our new double CD "Glory to Glory" is available for purchase NOW!!! We just uploaded the title cut "Glory to Glory" to IH radio... check it out (it even has a fun 'reggae surprise' in the middle of the song!) If you need some joy in your life we encourage you to listen to disc 2 which has a bunch of extreme joy, laughter, worship, praise and anointed instrumental music all recorded live right here in our Olalla, Washington home during our monthly regional nights of worship. Disc 1 is a creative collection of amazing studio-recorded songs. It is such a great feeling to be announcing this release! We know you will be greatly blessed!

August 1, 2005 -- So much has happened in the last 6 months my head is spinning!!! First of all...

The Worship Mongolia Project was and continues to be a great success... we trained, tracked, recorded and mastered 3 songs in the new Mongolian studio... the worship music is so anointed that when people in America hear it they immediately sense the presence of God... many of them with tears of joy! My Mongolian friends are now busy recording several projects in their own language... a first for their nation!

Then we landed an endorsement by Behringer! We will soon join the ranks of an exclusive list of artists from around the globe known as "power users."

AND... we've been very busy recording our newest CD "Glory 2 Glory"... we have decided that all Elisha's Request projects will now be 'double portions' with 2 CDs for the price of one! It's our way of sowing into your lives with blessing and hoping to see an explosion of the advancing of the kingdom in all of us and in the world!

March 6, 2005 -- In a couple of days I'll be traveling all the way to Ulaanbator, Monglolia to deliver a digital audio workstation to my friends there. I'll be setting the top notch studio up a them and train them how to use it. Pastor Bat of Christian Fellowship of Mongolia leads a creative, diverse congregation of 1200 who have a vision to see their entire nation saved, and then take the good news of Jesus to all of Asia. The studio is part of the larger vision, as they will be recording praise and worship written by their own musicians and singers, and distributing the music nationwide.

Keep on prayin' for God to save your city! (A CITY CAN BE SAVED!!!)

posted by Elisha's Request on 08/07/2007