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Tom, if you have ever heard him, talks about creating moments in your musical set as a part of your Live performances. So Adam and I were talking and we have decided that we are now pretty comfortable playing together, so we are trying to work on creating Live Show "Moments!" Tom is right if a live performance is just singing the songs then the audience can just get a cd and be done with you. But if you truly want fans that "Want " to come to your shows, then you have to create moments that grab them, shake them(not because it's too loud) and move their emotions or thoughts to "higher/lighter/better" place, so that it makes them feel the song instead of just hearing it. In the Works!

posted by David on 09/25/2012

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I'm teaching my drummer to sing!
He knows how, he's just a little shy/subconscious at a show.....

posted by David on 09/21/2012

I''m ADHD posative! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

ya so this explains alot.

And my allergies have went hyper and have further agitated the ADHD at the neurotransmitter/receptor level.

I'm currently trying to use natural(not Rx drugs) stuff to help everything. getting some good results now.
ADHD does not go away but no big deal, I've had it this long... lol

all this explains concentration issues and not being patient enough to get quality recording done. I hate my crappy recordings. when I setup to record I will forget what order I need to do things in the recording programs and consequently spend days trying to figure it out again. cant tell you how many times I watch(video) or read directions, I still forget. now it's a little less frustrating for me cuz I know, It's not that I cant do it but that it is gonna be more work.

I hope to record some new live/acoustic studio mixes of my Christmas cd for this Christmas season!

And maybe I can get some of the nonChristmas songs recorded for at least an EP size CD release...?

appreciate any and all prayers, THANKS!

posted by David on 09/13/2012

gotta a drummer Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Ran into a friend/musician from a couple years ago when I booked for a venue, he move to town. We are now working together playing music. He's a drummer and giving my music some much needed great rhythm! He can also play some bass, sooooo, looking forward to continue working with him!

posted by David on 03/02/2012

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Christmas Tour starts Nov 25th, check the dates and come check out a show or two!

posted by David on 11/19/2011

moved... Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

finished the move but I am having problems with space.... as not enough... trying to work it out! 8D

posted by DavidJ on 07/05/2011

Working on recording the new CD Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I think I have several projects going at the same time but maybe God wants to mesh them together somehow.

1.I have this grace themed song group.

2. I have a set worship songs.

3 I have this home theme song group.

So I may have the op to do 3 Cds or maybe a combo of the 2 or even the three together on one. It could be a musical cappuccino one third worship, one third grace, and one third home.

posted by DavidJ on 01/22/2011