Peace number 1 song added by indie radio stations Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Check it out!

posted by ph on 10/13/2014

Peace is Number 2 on Christian Radio Chart Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Peace, has been added to lots of radio stations in the past week. Check it out at:
CRC is a station adds based chart and it is also an international chart. The more stations that add the song, the higher on the chart. They have a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly chart. So by reaching #2 on this chart for this week, that means that there was only one other single that had more station adds this past week!

posted by ph on 10/06/2014

City of Roses back up on Fan Faves Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

City of Roses is back up on Fan Faves!

posted by ph on 09/05/2011

Check Out Cars featured by "Under The Radar Radio" Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Thank you UTR!!!

posted by ph on 08/12/2011

Fan Faves--Jimmy Choos Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hope you can stop by and listen to "Jimmy Choos" on Fan Faves

posted by ph on 07/23/2011

Baby Norah was born yesterday! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Baby Norah Pearl Herndon was born yesterday weighing 8 lbs. 4 oz.!!!!

Evie and baby and daddy are doing well!

posted by ph on 06/30/2011

Any Minute Now Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

What do you do when you are waiting for your baby to be born? Well, if you are Evie Haskell, you write a song! Any Minute Now is a very appropriate title to her new song as her baby is due any minute. Hope you enjoy the rough demo found on Evie's profile under "Demo Albums".

posted by ph on 06/26/2011

Talk Me Home on Fave Faves Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hope stop by to listen to Talk Me Home on Fan Faves.

posted by ph on 04/07/2011

Another song on IH's Top 20! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hope you'll stop by and listen to "From Now On" on IH's Top 20!

posted by ph on 03/02/2011

Peace and From Now On Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Peace is on the Top 20 and From Now On just got uploaded to Fan Faves. IHope you stop by and listen.

posted by ph on 02/01/2011

Peace and Dreams Are Made Of Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hope you'll take a listen to Peace on Top Twenty and Dreams Are Made Of, on FanFaves. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

posted by ph on 01/01/2011

Recent Review Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Rhymes and Riddles, Cartwheels and Cars Review by

"Listening to Evie Haskell's latest release is like spending a day at Disney World. "Rhymes and Riddles, Cartwheels and Cars" is such a fun and whimsical adventure that is original, passionate, and upbeat. The album is inspired by the last three years of Evie's life. Marriage, a major move, and dream-chasing have lead to a fun and off-beat album that breaks the mold of today's cookie cutter radio fare. Evie's songwriting is filled with subtle wit and wisdom that rivals the songwriting master Chris Rice. I wont give a song by song review but will say that every song is as worthy of radio time as anything you'll hear on today's dial. "Rhymes and Riddles, Cartwheels and Cars" is getting lots of plays on my iPod and I'm certain that if you give her a try you'll find the same thing. If there is one album you get yourself or anyone you love this Christmas season make sure you treat yourself to "Rhymes and Riddles, Cartwheels and Cars" by Evie Haskell.Check out the link below to hear for yourself. "

posted by ph on 11/23/2010

Free Download/Demo of "Completely" Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

You can find a free download of Evie's new demo, Completely, on her Redeem Tab. Here is the code:


posted by ph on 11/07/2010

"Peace" Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Check out "Peace" on Fan Faves Chart.

posted by ph on 09/29/2010

Treble Maker Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Check out Evie's new blog site:

posted by ph on 09/24/2010

"Jimmy Choos" on Fan Faves Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hope you stop by and take a listen to "Jimmy Choos" on Fan Faves.

posted by ph on 08/29/2010

Song from New Album is on Fan Faves Chart Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

posted by ph on 06/28/2010

New Album is Now Available! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Evie's second album, "Rhymes and Riddles, Cartwheels and Cars", features songs that have been inspired by the last 3 years of Evie's life. Marriage, a major move, and dream-chasing have sparked quite an array of creatively-written songs, some fun and quirky, some serious and melancholy, and a few in-between. Evie's thought-provoking introspection is laced with her sense of humor throughout the CD, which makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

posted by ph on 06/27/2010

Free Download Still Available Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Check out My Redeem tab on my IH profile and get a free download of City of Roses!

Here is the Code: CityofRoses2010

posted by ph on 06/03/2010

City of Roses on Indieheaven FANFAVES Chart Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

posted by EH on 04/30/2010

Almost There! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi everyone! Evie's CD will soon be released--"City of Roses" is posted for all to preview--it's a free download too!

posted by ph on 04/30/2010

Get Ready! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The album project is done and on its way!!! Stay tuned for a free download!!!

posted by ph on 04/13/2010

A Recent Review Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

A recent review By Innervoice Magazine

Evie Haskell: My Beautiful Everything
Reviewed by Delia Kang

My Beautiful Everything is Portland, Oregon's native Evie Haskell's debut album and it made quite an impression. Each of the songs on this album were written or co-written by Evie whose angelic voice carries beautifully through the album's simple, yet polished performance, leaving you appreciating Evie's piano-driven style.

The album delivers a combination of contemporary pop and worship music while incorporating elegant piano playing that reflect the album's hymn-like style that immediately draws the listener into a reverent mindset. Each track is intricately arranged and does an excellent job of blending Evie's beautiful voice and piano with the sounds of drums played by Dennis Holt, cello played by John Catchings, and Percussion by Steve Hindalong.

Inspired by her life experiences and personal walk with God, Evie's passionate heart comes through in each song. Evie is a humble, talented performer who never lets her own ambition cloud her purpose bringing people into communion with God.

The Bottom Line:
Delia: Loved the sincere lyrics and beautiful sound of this album. I can't wait for Evie's new album being released soon!
Jen: Beautiful and distinctive vocals... I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more from her in the future.
John: Her voice and piano together sound exquisite... Grounded and inspiring lyrics... This one is a gem.

posted by ph on 12/22/2009

Boston University Radio Interview Tonight! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Interview with Boston University Radio at 12:30 AM East Coast time (Saturday).. Listen at

posted by ph on 11/20/2009

InnerVoice Magazine Interview Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi IH Friends,

Fun stuff...Check out my interview with InnerVoice Magazine....

posted by eh on 09/09/2009

IT BEGINS TOMORROW! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hey Friends,

I'm leaving tomorrow to begin recording my next CD. I am SO jived!! I will be posting pics and blogs here and there to keep you updated.

- Evie :)

posted by Evie on 07/17/2009

Pre-Sale!! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I am officially pre-selling my album.
For $15*, you will receive:

1 An autographed, fresh-off-the-press CD before the official release
2 A complimentary copy of my first album, My Beautiful Everything, to keep or give to a friend
3 Your name, your company's name, or your ministry's name printed on the album jacket of the CD to thank you for your support

You can pre-order your CD by clicking the appropriate amount in the drop-box above. Each $15* you give includes the package described. (Note: You do NOT need a Paypal account to buy CDs. Simply click on the "Continue" link (in the "Don't Have a Paypal Account?" section), and follow the given instructions.)

Every CD you pre-order will not only help fund this project, but will help us partner together to touch lives with the truth of God's love. I encourage you to think about purchasing CDs for those you want to bless: friends, neighbors, co-workers, employees, ministry partners. And, as an added incentive, if you buy 4, you get the 5th free! Just think: you could finish your 2010 birthday shopping before next year even begins!

*$3.00 will be charged per CD for shipping. Bulk orders are negotiable.

More about this project:

Dearest Friends and Family:

I am writing to you today because I am SO excited to share that I am in the beginning stages of my sophomore album with producer, Billy Smiley! Thanks to your prayers, encouragement and financial support my first project, My Beautiful Everything, opened many doors of ministry for me. Since 2006, I have ministered at more than 150 events ranging from church services, schools, retreats, concerts, coffee houses, and fundraisers. All of these experiences have allowed me to grow as a singer and songwriter.

Highlights since the release of My Beautiful Everything:

Momentum Award, 2007: Album of the Year, IndieHeaven
Single, My Beautiful Everything, featured on SongDiscovery, ReignDown USA, and Top 20 Indie Worship Project by Indelible Creative Group
Album reviewed and featured by Worship Leader Magazine
Single, Longing to Worship, featured on
Single, Until Then, 2006 First Place Song,
Opened for Grammy Award Winning Group, Third Day

...and more!

Now, three years later, with much more experience under my belt and many new songs waiting to be heard, I am ready to take the next step.

My vision for this project: This album will feature songs I have composed during the past three years. Much has happened since 2006. Not only have I fallen in love, married, and moved with my husband, Rev. Josh Herndon, to California, but I also began pursuing wholeheartedly what I believe to be God's call on my life: to touch people through music and writing. With all of these changes and events came struggle, questions, and victories--each one with a song!

This CD is going to be quite a bit different than the last one. If you are familiar with my first CD, you will know that it had a very "CCM" sound to it--similar to what you would hear on KLove or The Fish Radio. My artistry and subject matter continue to develop. Many of my new songs are not explicitly about Jesus, but they reflect a life lived by a Christ follower. Whether I am singing about my husband, a struggle I am facing, or unashamedly singing the Gospel, I do it all to the glory of God. I am really excited about this next CD, because I have no doubt it will open new doors of ministry beyond the walls of the Church--even as I continue to visit churches, schools, and other Christian venues. My subject matter may have changed, but my calling and mission remain clear: To show and share what it means to have abundant life in Jesus Christ.

Every project for an independent artist requires funding. My first project was a step of faith and would not have been possible without the generous and sacrificial giving from family members and friends. This project is no different and once again I ask you to prayerfully consider how you can be involved.

God's Love,

posted by Evie on 06/02/2009

New Song, Velcro. Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I posted a new video of me singing a new, happy song: "Velcro".

Enjoy! :)

posted by Evie on 04/16/2009

Website Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Check out my website! It has been freshened up:

posted by Evie :) on 01/22/2009

"Dreams Are Made Of"--On Fan Fave Chart!! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

In honor of February 14th...

A song about my hub. :)

posted by Evie :) on 01/13/2009

CD SALE!! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

My CDs--that were once $15--are NOW ONLY $10!!

Happy (slightly belated) New Year!
- Evie

posted by Evie on 01/07/2009

Contra Costa Times features upcoming concert Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The Contra Costa Times featured "Christmas on the Avenue" today in their paper:

This concert will have quite the variety of music! I will be singing some classic and Celtic-style songs with my friends, Ginger Hohm and Martin Cantu, who will feature Bluesy/Gospel and Latin music.

There will be free pastries and beverages. It's going to be so fun--come if you can!!

posted by Evie on 12/12/2008

My Beautiful Everything Makes Top 20 Indie Worship Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: INDELIBLE CREATIVE GROUP and INDIEHEAVEN in Franklin, TN announce release of 2nd compilation album in the TOP 20 Indie Series "TOP 20 WORSHIP"

September 29, 2008, Nashville, TN-With the success of their first venture, TOP20INDIE08, INDELIBLE CREATIVE GROUP, Franklin, TN and nationally acclaimed independent musician resource agency, INDIEHEAVEN, Franklin, TN are once again releasing a "must have" compilation hit with their TOP 20 INDIE WORSHIP album.

TOP 20 INDIE WORSHIP is executive produced by Chris Thomason, President of Indelible Creative Group, whose 13 years of creating worship music at Integrity Music with such artists as Darlene Zschech, Don Moen, Paul Baloche, and Israel Houghton gives the added expertise to these carefully chosen songs. The songs and artists on TOP 20 INDIE WORSHIP showcase some of the best worship songs from today's emerging worship leaders from's staple of independent artists and submission taken worldwide.

Artists and songs included on TOP 20 INDIE WORSHIP were selected by a panel of music-industry experts from Indelible Creative Group and The album features songs such as "Creation Speaks" from Live Fish, "Rich Enough" sung by Jeff Morrison and "My Beautiful Everything" performed by Evie Haskell, just to name a few. There is an assortment of songs to begin, enter and end the day with. Worship at it's greatest! Worship at it's purest! Worship from a myriad of artists that bring the song and the listener to the altar!

In Romans 11:33-12:2 Paul describes worship as a lifestyle. A lifestyle that flows out of a doxology of adoration and praise and worship. This is a challenging statement living in the here and now but Paul is positive and encourages us to allow God to reprogram our thinking and belief system. We hope TOP 20 INDIE WORSHIP can be a part of that process for the listener. The artists and songs in this product truly have a worship lifestyle focus and we honored to introduce you to them. - Chris Thomason, President, Indelible Creative Group

TOP 20 INDIE WORSHIP will be available in all Christian retail stores through Word Distribution and available on iTunes October 21, 2008. It is also available through download or physical purchase at TOP20INDIEWORSHIP.COM

In the very next moment, take a breath and "step away" from it all to worship the One that is worthy of our ear, our heart and our song. TOP 20 INDIE WORSHIP can take you there.

Indelible Creative Group is a music and film company based in Nashville, Tenn. creating experiences through media products that are culturally and spiritually relevant. The company represents recording artists including Travis Cottrell, Phil Joel, Jeff Deyo and SPUR58 among others. Among its current DVD releases are Max Lucado 3:16 Stories of Hope, Crave short film series from best-selling author Erwin Raphael McManus and popular children's entertainer Miss PattyCake. Word Distribution provides distribution services to CBA retail; with Lionsgate (film) and WEA (music) serving the general market.
Contact Info:
Indelible Creative Group
Amy Stansell
615-791-4131 x10

posted by ph on 11/04/2008

Be Thou My Vision Up on Fan Faves Chart Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Be Thou My Vision is now up on the Fan Faves Chart--Celtic version written by Billy Smiley and Josh Toole, sung by Evie.

posted by ph on 10/16/2008

More wedding pics up!!! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

A few more wedding pics by Red Couch Photography are up on Evie's IH profile!

posted by ph on 10/13/2008

One wedding photo is up on Evie's site. Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi friends,

We just posted a great pic of newlly weds, Evie and Josh Herndon. (married September 27th) They just returned to Portland, OR from their honeymoon and packed everything up this morning and are moving to El Sobrante, CA where Josh will be a youth pastor and Evie will continue her music ministry.

We will post more wedding pics soon! Enjoy!

posted by ph on 10/07/2008

Evie Haskell is Married! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Evie married Josh Herndon today!

Stay tuned for pics soon!

posted by ph on 09/28/2008

Where You Are (Spinning) on Fan Faves (rough demo) Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hope you check out my brand new song, Where You Are (Spinning) on the Fan Faves Chart. It's a rough demo.

posted by evie on 09/07/2008

New Song Posted! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi everyone--

I just posted a NEW SONG up--a pretty rough mix of "Where You Are" (Spinning).

It's a song about the struggles we face as followers of Jesus, yet how, when we are on His "Potter's Wheel", we are exactly where we need to be--in His Hands. He is not far.

Happy Weekend!

posted by Evie on 09/06/2008

"ONE" Wins Songwriting Contest Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi friends,

I just discovered that ONE (piano/vocal demo song) won the June contest in the Adult Contemporary genre with Song of the Year!

Funny thing is, I entered it in the Christian genre, but I think the judges decided to place it in AC.

You can read all about it and listen at:

posted by evie on 08/15/2008

It's official.... Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

It's official...

Josh and I are moving to El Sobrante, CA. after our September wedding!

Josh will be working as a youth pastor and teaching a high school Bible class. After much prayer, applications, and interviews, this has been the first feasible option for us. The amazing thing is, though, that we couldn't ask for a better fit for Josh and me as individuals and as a couple. God is so good. Why do I ever doubt? It cracks me up, because I think God, in the whole process, was just making it clear where we weren't supposed to go. He had something good in mind the whole time; we just had to walk that foggy path in faith. He got us through.

Josh started last week. He was actually introduced (not officially inducted, but introduced) at the church lon Sunday, August 3rd.

Funny story: So this couple goes up to him, like, "Hey, Josh, we go way back with your parents...we saw you and your fiance's picture in the bulletin....did we mention that your fiance looks a LOT like your sister?"

Yeah, that's because "I" did! Turns out, the picture was actually of Josh and JANAE, his sister. So now everyone's going to think I underwent some odd kind of metamorphasis in a short period of 2 months. Classic Evie story, and I wasn't even there. Go figure.

So now, besides planning a wedding, I am planning a move. Of course it is bittersweet, but as one friend put it to me today, "That's your (mine and Josh's) life together, and how can you not be excited about that?" and that, to me, puts it perfectly. Although I will miss my family and friends from Portland dreadfully, in my heart I know that God has been preparing me and ripening me for the change. It's like I'm an apple, falling from (but not too far from--haha) a tree.

I can not be, I can not do, I can not live apart from change. If I ran away from it, I would never grow and develop as a child of God. But no, I want to run towards the change He has whispered in my ear, towards the wonderfully loving voice of God-- and an adventure that is well worth the run, however far it takes me from the roots I have grown to love. I want to be a good apple.

posted by evie on 08/11/2008

Greater Just Added to Fan Faves Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for supporting My Beautiful Everyting during the last 30 days. It's time for a new song--so Greater is back on the Fan Faves Chart!

posted by evie on 07/24/2008

A Recent Review.... Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Check it out at:

Thank you Free the Gospel--your words were very kind and encouraging.


posted by evie on 07/15/2008

Ringtones! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Evie Haskell ringtones? It's true.....

Here's the link:

posted by evie on 06/26/2008

Photos from last weekend's concerts Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi everyone!

It's been a busy month of travel for me!

I just posted some photos from last weekend's concerts at Valley Christian Center in Dublin, CA at

Appreciate your prayers for this weekend as I hit the road to Yreka, CA for a concert sponsored by Stain It Red Productions. Check it out at :



posted by Evie on 05/15/2008

National Event Reign Down USA Tomorrow April 26 Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Reign Down USA, a national day of repentance and prayer, is tomorrow--to find a venue near you, just go to

For those who are wondering how to listen and how to order the Reign Down USA compilation disk featuring Michael W. Smith, Newsboys, Aaron Shust.....and ...someone by the name of Evie is the link:

I appreciate your prayers as I will be sharing a song in the Salem, OR venue near the state capitol. It's a brand new song I have never shared called "Peace".

Appreciate your prayers for this national day of repentance and prayer for our nation! Hope you can join a venue close to your community.

posted by evie on 04/25/2008

Longing to Worship Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi Friends,

I just added "Longing to Worship" to the Fan Fave Chart.

It's a song I wrote when reflecting on Mark 14. It's my desire to pour all I am out at the feet of Jesus in love, adoration, and thanks...that's what this song talks about. I hope you enjoy--and worship along with me!

God's Love,
Evie :)

posted by Evie on 04/08/2008

My Beautiful Everything and Reign Down USA Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi friends,

A really awesome event is happening on April 26th, called Reign Down USA. It's a day of repentence and prayer for our country on April 26th. You can find out more at

I just found out that my song, My Beautiful Everything, is on the commemorative compilation cd for Reign Down USA. The cd also features songs from Michael W. Smith, Aaron Shust, Newsboys, and Scott Wesley Brown! Learn more:

Please pray for this nationwide effort!

Blessings, Evie

posted by evie on 03/26/2008

Talk Me Home Wins Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi Everyone!

I just found out that "Talk Me Home" came in first in the Adult Contemporary category with "Talk Me Home" is now one of the ten songs being considered for the "song of the year".

Appreciate your prayers! The winner receives a cash prize that would really help produce another album. It's in the Lord's hands!


posted by Evie on 03/09/2008

Dreams Are Made Of Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi everyone!

I just posted a new song, Dream Are Made Of (piano/vocal demo), on the Fan Faves Chart. It's a song I wrote for Josh, my fiance. I hope you enjoy the "tango" feel--I had fun recording it!


posted by Evie on 03/06/2008

My Beautiful Everything is on Fan Faves Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi friends,

February's Fan Fave song is My Beautiful Everything, the title track of my album. Hope you'll visit Fan Faves, listen and support!


posted by Evie Haskell on 02/03/2008

I'm a finalist for Worship Artist--thank you! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi friends!

I learned today that I am one of the finalists for Worship Artist of the Year. I am honored--there is so much God-given talent represented in all categories for the Momentum Awards. Thank you for supporting me to this point.

Now the final round of voting starts today until March 1st. I appreciate your continued support and prayers. Just click the banner below to vote. Worship artist is the very last category--so along the way be sure to support other Indieheaven artists with your vote--like I said--there are many talented artists--it's such a privilege to be a part of this community!

Evie Haskell

posted by Evie Haskell on 02/01/2008

Local News Article Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The Beaverton Valley Times did an article about Liz Dugger and me and our music, including Indie Heaven's Momentum Awards. Here's the link:

posted by Evie on 01/31/2008

NEW WEBSITE!!!!! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi everyone!

My new website is finally launched! I won this website at last year's CIA Summit from Eyescream Design. They did an awesome job and I am eternally grateful to them!

Hope you'll check it out. (if the old site shows up, refresh your browser)



posted by Evie Haskell on 01/30/2008

NEW SONG! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I just posted a new song--"Dreams are made of"--fresh a la Northstar Studios, Portland, OR. :) You can find it on my "Demo 2007" song list.

This is a little love song I wrote about my fiance (well...then, he was my boyfriend). Enjoy!

posted by Evie on 01/05/2008

"Cherished " is on Indieheaven 's Radio Chart Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Thanks IH and Fan Fave supporters...!

"Cherished" is now on Indieheaven's Radio Chart!

Hope you can all listen and support it on the chart!


posted by Evie Haskell on 12/02/2007

I justed posted 3 video clips from a concert Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi friends,

I just posted 3 songs from my concert at Faith Chapel in Bridgewater, MA (thanks Christ Conti!)

Two of the songs (Dreams Are Made Of (pop love song) and Turning) are new and have not been recorded. The bridge to Turning is from the Cranberries' song, Dreams.

The third song is Greater, recorded on my album, My Beautiful Everything.

I'll be posting a couple more soon!

Special thanks to my friend, Jacob Quatier for editing and formatting the video clips!

posted by Evie Haskell on 11/23/2007

It's official..... Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I'm engaged! This weekend my boyfriend, Josh, secretly flew up from CA to ask my dad for his blessing and then surprised me, took me to the Chinese Gardens in Portland, OR and proposed to me! I said, yes! I'll keep you posted on details later, but we're looking at a fall wedding.

Josh and I met at Bethany University and have been dating for 2 years. He will graduate in May.

posted by Evie Haskell on 11/18/2007

This weekend Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

It was cool to see Keith and the folks from Indieheaven up in this part of the country at the Christian Musician Summit at Overlake Christian in Redmond, WA. I was there with my producer, Billy Smiley and Scott Wesley Brown, as part of the "Come to the Quiet" concert/workshop. I was able to share my new arrangement of "Oh, the Deep Deep Love of Jesus"--it was very touching and humbling to hear how it ministered to individuals.

I also just received word that "Until Then" was recognized as the top song for the month of September with

posted by Evie on 11/11/2007

"Cherished" Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

"Cherished" is now on the Fan Fave Chart. Hope you'll stop by and listen.

posted by Evie Haskell on 11/03/2007

Talk Me Home (DEMO) is on the Fan Fave Chart Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Talk Me Home (Demo) was inspired by a conversation on my cell phone with Josh, my boyfriend. I was driving home, talking to him and I said, "Talk Me Home, Josh"--all of a sudden there was my inspiration for this song.

Listen and you'll hear a prayer too. Enjoy.

posted by Evie Haskell on 10/02/2007

I Cry Holy Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hope you'll all take a listen to "I Cry Holy" on the Fan Faves Chart. I just added it today! John Catchings plays cello on this song--I love cello!

posted by Evie Haskell on 09/01/2007

My News Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Review of Evie's album in Worship Leader Magazine (August 2007 issue)! Here it is:

My Beautiful Everything

New worship artist you say? Let me guess, guy with a guitar, supported by a good-but-nameless band and a sandy, slightly higher-ranged vocal style? Usually that is the case, but thank goodness for young artists like Evie Haskell. Piano driven (with serious chops on that front) and a sweet, slightly airy voice that lets her songs of adoration move with grace beyond the status quo. Haskell is a new worship artist that enters like a fresh breeze on the Christian music scene.

Her musical influences are pulled from the array of Christian and pop musicians that have gone before her. Listeners will hear bits of Twila Paris and overtones of Vanessa Carlton, but together, they form a sweet sounding tone that has its own musical mark. It's a mark that comes across best in "Cherished", which floats on a jazzy feel and finds its lyric power in acceptance of Christ. Another standout, "Samuel's Song" is an Old Testament throwback that brings the young prophet's story to striking relevance for worshippers today. It tells us to sit in quiet and open our hearts with a willingness to hear the call and direction of the Spirit. And really, isn't that what worship is for?

WL TAKEAWAY: Evie Haskell is a young artist with a mature spirit and sense of worship, this is a great find for personal devotion and for songs that will serve your congregation as special songs in a service.


The Lord just opened a door...I just found out I will be opeining for Third Day at the Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, MA on July 11, 2007--for ticket info, go to Appreciate your prayer covering!



BEAVERTON, OR-Recording artist, Evie Haskell was awarded the 2007 Momentum Award for "Album of the Year" for her debut album, My Beautiful Everything, at the CIA Summit in Franklin, TN on March 31, 2007. Evie was also nominated for Worship Artist of the Year and just one week prior to receiving "Album of the Year", Jeff McLaughlin of CCMNI ( announced that Haskell was the first place winner in its international songwriting contest for her song, Until Then.

IndieHeaven founder and CIA Summit director Keith Mohr states, "I've been working with thousands of independent Christian artists since 1997, and it is seldom I come across an artist who moves me as much as Evie Haskell. Evie's passion and excellence are sure to increase the scope of her music mission in the coming years! Evie's album is right up there with anything the major labels produce. Evie proves that indies can produce content equal to the CCM Industry! We congratulate Evie on her MOMENTUM Award for the 2007 Album of the Year."

My Beautiful Everything, was produced by Billy Smiley and released in May 2006. (7 of the 10 songs were written by Evie, 2 were co-written by Evie and Billy and one is a new arrangement of Be Thou My Vision) The debut project features the original songwriting and vocal/piano talents of Evie, as well as some of the industry's top musicians under the direction of Smiley. Playing piano on her first debut project, Evie had the privilege of working with Dennis Holt (Drums - City on A Hill Worship series), Blair Masters (Synth - Garth Brooks, Newsboys, Steven Curtis Chapman), Steve Hindalong (Percussion-God of Wonders), Dave Ellefson (Bass), John Catchings (Cello - Michael Card, Amy Grant), Greg Hagan (Guitar - Katinas, Symphony in Red) and Billy Whittington as engineer (Amy Grant, Ce Ce Winans).
Evie graduated with a degree in Music from Bethany University in Santa Cruz, CA in 2006. Since her album release in May 2006 she has been ministering at churches, schools, and events throughout the United States.

For more information, contact Peg Haskell at 503-641-7044.

APRIL 3, 2007: Thank you all for your encouragement, prayers, support and your votes for Album of the Year--I'm still in shock. The CIA Summit was amazing--I've made so many great friends and I can't wait to go back next year! The fellowship with other artists was well worth the trip--it was great to know tthat I'm not alone in this journey I'm on. I really appreciate Keith's and all the Indieheaven staff's vision and focus. Wow.

March 24, 2007: Hi friends!

I just received a phone call from Jeff McLaughlin informing me that my song, Unitl Then, won first place in Comtemporary Christian Music Network International's (CCMNI Christian songwriting contest! (

February 15, 2007: Hi everyone! Until Then is now on the the Indieheaven radio chart--please take a listen, rate, and help it climb the chart! While you're there be sure to listen to my indieheaven friends--it's a privilege for me to be in the indieheaven family--so many gifted individuals glorifying the Lord with their music!

January 2, 2006: Thank you all for your support. I am honored to be a finalist for Album of the Year and Worship Artist of the Year. I appreciate your votes in this final round which ends February 1st. Please vote and spread the word to your friends. Blessings, Evie

November 24, 2006: I just returned from Omaha, Nebraska where I ministered at Stonebridge Christian Church and Grace University. It was a busy weekend with band rehearsals and concerts. I fell in love with the people--hope to go back soon!

Thanks for your support during the 90 day period that Greater was on the inideheaven chart--it made it as high as 26! I'm thinking of loading another song on the chart--let me know which one is your favorite!

My music is now on itunes! Thanks for your continued support for Greater! Keep voting!

October 6, 2006: I appreciate your daily votes for my song, Greater,( now 40th on indieheaven's radio chart). Thank you for your continued support--help it climb!

September 14, 2006: Greater, (Track 7) will be on the latest edition of Christian Radio Weekly on the I-disk. It is an honor to be on the I-disk with such gifted artists. There are so many talented individuals in the indieheaven family!

Greater needs more 5 star ratings on the indieheaven radio chart. I really appreciate your support more than you know!

September 4, 2006: "Greater" is now 85th on the radio chart. I appreciate your daily votes on the radio chart and your comments and ratings on my site.

I'm looking forward to the September 15th concert at the Aloha Grange in Aloha, Oregon. I am one of a few artists who will be singing/playing. Hope to see you all there!

August 17, 2006: "Greater" was just uploaded on the indieheaven radio chart! Just click on the radio tower on the indieheaven home page and it will bring you to the chart. Make sure you have as the address, otherwise without "www."--you won't be able to listen to the song.

Thanks for all your comments, ratings, and support! I appreciate you all! All of us indies appreciate you! Take the time to listen to my friends too!

August 3, 2006: I am excited to share that the title track "My Beautiful Everything", of my debut album was selected by and was released on their July/August 2006 cd!

posted by Evie Haskell on 08/07/2007